From the Principal
From the Principal
Dear Families and Friends of St Brigid’s College, In conjunction with the Feast Day of Our Lady of Mercy, St Brigid’s College celebrated our Mercy Day with a Mass with the Sisters of Mercy on the last day of Term 3. It was an opportune time to come together to be thankful for the contribution of the Sisters of Mercy to the St Brigid’s community and to honour our foundress, Catherine…
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From the Deputy Prinicpal
From the Deputy Principal
Where has the term gone – it is so incredibly exciting continuing to watch our College come to life each day with the breadth of opportunities available for all of our students. Year 12 students have been working diligently towards finalizing their course requirements as they have moved into the final weeks of the marathon of their learning programme.  From final rounds of OLNA, through to the completion of a variety of Certificate IIIs and IVs through to final assessments in preparation for upcoming exams; our girls have not missed a beat.  Our Year 12 ATAR students are also preparing to commence their final St Brigid’s examinations commencing in the second week of the holidays or in the case of our practical subjects, their Practical WACE Examinations – we wish you all well in this final stage, and know that your hard work and preparation will place you in good stead for what is ahead. It has been pleasing to see how students have been enabling their class learning to come alive in a variety of arenas, most recently being our Year 10 Drama students and their one-act production of Grimm Brother’s fairytales, which showcased their maturity in producing this piece for our community and dedication to transfer what has been learnt in the classroom, onto the stage.  Our Year 11 Outdoor Recreation students also are preparing to put into practice early next term their skills (from using trangias, to putting up tents to canoeing in the College pool) learnt through their Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation when they attend their Dwellingup Camp. We have loved our Year 7 and 8 students visiting the Library as they continue to develop their literacy skills through the Lexile reading programme in English. Nothing beats curling up with a good book; we have many to share with them thanks to the Parent Forum this year. Environmental awareness is also at the forefront of this term, with our ‘Earthlings’ leading the charge, we are so proud of their advocacy for this issue.  This term they have collected materials for the animals at the Perth Zoo, Ran the House Bottle Cap Art Competition and they have saved ‘dead pens’ from landfill.  It is inspiring that our students are ambassadors for our planet.  Enjoy the much-deserved term break!
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Boarding News
As another term comes to a close, the girls are excited about going home to some much warmer weather than we have been having in Perth. In Term Three, the boarders enjoy many activities in and outside Boarding. From friendship bracelets, feathered keyrings, making gift boxes trying out their culinary skills in making scones with jam and cream and brownies in a cup. The young ladies love going to Alfred’s Kitchen for burgers, visiting Krispy Crème for some yummy doughnuts, and San Churros. Exploring the scientific world at Scitech, watching the AFLW game, and a trip to Araluen enjoying the smells of the flowers. On top of all this, some of the young ladies went Roller Skating and a leisurely walk to Lesmurdie Falls. There will be more exciting things in Term Four when the weather warms up, and the sun comes out for a while. Our hockey team did not make it into the finals, but they tried valiantly. In many games, they were soaked to the skin whilst playing. Well done, ladies, for continuing to play and always having a smile on your faces. At the end of Week 7, the Year 10/11/12 Boarders Ball, in conjunction with our brother school, Mazenod, was held in our SBC Gym. Approximately 80 students had a lovely time. All dressed up beautifully for their special night. Special thanks to our Head Boarders, Bridie D’Alton and Selena Thompson, plus Kyra Clayton and Madison Hall for their organizational skills and setting up on the night. Also, the volunteers their time to help out. It’s hard to believe that our Year 12’s have started their final days and are getting ready to graduate. The Boarding community said farewell to the Year Twelves with a High Tea at Lavender Bistro and Boutique in Caversham. Following tradition, the Year eleven’s put together a night to “Farewell to Year 12’s”, where they proudly displayed some information that the Year Twelve parents/guardians shared with the Boarding Mums. Let’s say there was a lot of laughing and happy tears. Congratulations to our 2023 Head Boarders Alisha Sadler and Kiera Watts and the councillors Cameron Loton and Juliet Nixon. We look forward to seeing all the Boarders back for Term Four on Monday 10th October from 3 pm, ready to start school on Tuesday the 11th.   Kind regards, Fiona Hepi, Donna Gill and Lynn-Maree Byrne
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Secondary School
Secondary News
Another term has come to an end. I am not really sure where the time is going. It seemed like only a couple of weeks ago, Term Three started. However, after talking to a lot of the young ladies, they have informed me they are tired and are looking forward to the break. The young ladies have achieved a lot this term. Some of our Year Elevens nominated themselves for a 2023 Leadership position. They went through the process of completing a nomination form, writing a speech and presenting it to students from years 7 -11, and if successful, they then had an interview with staff from different areas. Throughout this time, they continued with their studies and sporting commitments and wondered what dress they should wear to the Father-Daughter dinner dance. The dinner dance was a huge success; from the feedback, all had a lovely evening. While the Year Elevens were enjoying the evening with their dads, the Year Eights had their social with Mazenod at Mazenod. The first half of the evening was sideshow alley activities where they played various games, had photos in the photo booth and had the opportunity to eat ice cream and then moved to the silent disco part. The girls enjoyed the evening, and they won the dance-off competition. A huge thank you to the year 10, 11 and 12s who ran the activities. The Year 9s had the survival challenge where they were placed into Survival Teams and had to complete several challenges to keep their tribal flag. The weather held off, and some sunshine peaked through the clouds for the young ladies. The young ladies in Year 10s had some formal dance lessons, and then they celebrated with a dinner dance. They loved the evening and enjoyed showing off their new dance moves. As mentioned earlier, the young ladies have managed to do a lot in a short time. The Year Sevens finally went on their start of the year camp, but due to COVID, we had to postpone it until now. The girls were excited, but some were nervous about going away for a few nights. We ended Term Three with a bang by celebrating our Mercy Heritage and all things Mercy, including the Colour Fun Run. There was lots of colour and water squirting thanks to the Kalamunda Volunteer Fire Brigade. Mercy Mass was celebrated in the College gym, and we announced the College Leaders for 2023. Ella Giglia and Mackenzie Houlahan as head Girls; Alisha Sadler and Kiera Watts as Head Boarders; Mariah D’Silva as Ministry, Hannah MacDonald as Cultural; Sienna Glazebrook as Sustainability, Lily Parker as Sports leader. We also announced the boarding Counsellors for 2023, Cameron Loton and Juliet Nixon, the House Leaders, and their reps. For Docherty, we have Sydney Loveridge as House Leader and Amy Lynch and Vienna Wincomb as the representatives. McAuley’s House leader is Kate Lobb, and the representatives are Abbey Hopkins and Aena Siji. O’Connor’s House Leader is Cameron Loton, and the representatives are Josie Lawrence and Laura Jenkins. Rielly’s House leader is Sophie Daniele, and the representatives are Marie Mussoodee and Alisha Sadler. Shine’s house leader is Olivia Mycoe, and the reps are Saira Sarkis and Kayla Di Carlo. Watson’s House leader is Lilly-Ann Hurts, and the representatives are Niamh Burke and Ruby Anderson. We wish all of these young ladies the best with their roles for 2023. I am concluding this final E-news for Term Three with a tribute to our Year Twelve parents. You are nearly at the end; trust me, all of the tears and shouting matches are finally over. Your daughters are ready to step out of the security of the school routine and start the next chapter of their lives. You have succeeded and need to be very proud of it. I am sorry I told the ATAR parents a little white lie; your tears are not over yet, but they will be soon. We wish the young ladies doing the ATAR pathway all of the best with their coming exams. Term Four, the students wear their summer uniform, so we ask that you check your daughter’s dress length. God bless, and stay safe over the break.   Kind Regards, Fiona Hepi
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Ministry News
Sleepout for Mercy Works On Thursday, 4 August over 100 volunteers braved a very cold night to participate in the Mercy Works Sleepout 2022 at Mazenod College. These volunteers consisted of staff and students from both Mazenod and St Brigid’s Colleges. They were sleeping out for two reasons: One was to educate themselves about the plight of people who find themselves homeless in Australia. The second reason for the evening was to raise money for the various Catholic agencies who work with the homeless in the Perth metropolitan area. These agencies include Vinnies, The Shopfront and Mercy Works. Assumption Mass & Commissioning of Ms Veronica Parker On Monday, 15 August we were honoured to have Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB celebrate Mass for the feast of the Assumption. At the conclusion of Mass, Ms Veronica Parker was commissioned as Principal of St Brigid’s College. First Holy Communion A number of our Year 4 students were prepared and received their First Holy Communion this term. Parents and students have had the opportunity to attend workshops run by 24/7 Youth Ministry.   Year 8 & Year 10 Retreat Days Our Year 8 cohort joined the 24/7 Youth Ministry Team for their Retreat Day, which focused on God’s Creation. Our Year 10 cohort enjoyed their Retreat Day with the Youth Mission Team, exploring the topic of Social Justice. Mercy Day – Wednesday, 21 September Mercy Day is a community-building day, combining fun, a celebration of our heritage and the provision of support for those in need through fundraising.  We celebrate and work together and we build community, which in turn builds an environment that is supportive of learning and spiritual development. Important aspects of the day: All students are invited to wear blue and white for a gold coin donation. We begin the day with the celebration of Mass at 9.15am in the College Grotto. Families are invited to support Mercy Day Stalls with various donations. Cultural Festival will be held after Mass. The day concludes with the Colour Run (2pm – 3pm). Our fundraising will support the work of Mercy Works. Mercy Works is the development arm of the Australian and Papua New Guinean Sisters of Mercy. Their mission is inspired by Catherine McAuley’s vision of change for the poor and disadvantaged. Mercy Works are financed by donations from the four Australian congregations of the Sisters of Mercy, charitable trusts & foundations, various organisations & groups and individuals.
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Junior School
Primary News
The third term is winding down. The school held their inter-house track and field carnival. As usual, house colours and smiles were displayed. There were opportunities for students to take part in activities ranging from Leader Ball to tug-a-war. This term also overflowed with creativity as many students took part in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival.  The College had the opportunity to participate in different sections such as the sacred chorale, choir, dance and also choral speaking. Individual students participated in the various instrumental sections of the festival. The College achieved the shields for the Sacred Chorale and Year 5s Choral Speaking. It was a delight to have the Year 5s performing their choral speaking piece at the finale of the festival. The theme for this year’s Book Week was ‘Dreaming with Your Eyes Open’.  The Book Week Parade was a blast. Year 2 began with their book Innovation “If I was the President”, and teachers, staff and students came dressed up inspired by characters in books. We had witches, the hungry caterpillar, three blind mice, Harry Porters and the list continued. We had a special breakfast in celebration of Father’s Day. The fathers arrived early to enjoy the aromatic crispy bacons, eggs, sautéed hash browns and fluffy rolls. We also had the amazing EduDance showcase where students showed the different repertoire of dances from Pre-primary emulating the Penguins to Year 6s hip hopping to the song ‘Jump’.  Kindergarten students had their special timeslot for their parents to see their dance too.  Students of all ages naturally moved to the beat and delightfully danced to catchy music. The pre-kindergarten was fortunate to have visitors from our community, such as doctors, nurses and even firefighters. Students learned about the significant roles these special visitors play in the community. The college uses Talk for Writing in the context of their teaching of writing. It was evident in the Year 1 Gold’s assembly, as they told the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”. It was also fantastic to witness Year 3s researching, reading and doing an explanation text on how bees make honey, how lightning and thunder are formed and the eruption of the volcanoes. Whilst we worked hard, we played hard. On the playground, we often see students using their creativity, such as dance and cheerleading choreography, or having a conversation with their friends. Students often mentioned how much they love coming to school and enjoy the college’s intimate community spirit. Mercy Day is a significant day for us to revisit our Mercy Values. Students were acknowledged for displaying the values through special Mercy Awards. Christ is always centred in our everyday life and we celebrated the day with a Mass on the last Wednesday of the term.  Primary school students sang the entrance hymn enthusiastically “Welcome to God’s House” with actions and dance. The colour run is a wonderful way to end the celebration and the term. Students enjoyed running through the green foliage of the college ground and receiving a burst of colours on them. Many were drenched in various colours and returned home seeping with joy and satisfaction. It is great to have students who look smart in their uniforms and taking pride in wearing them. As we are proud to wear the uniform of St Brigid’s College, we also proudly show our values of mercy. Students are reminded on an ongoing basis that one of their values is RESPECT. Respect is a value in the way we treat each other and the consideration of common properties. Just as we go into the houses of others, we respect their ownership and belonging. Therefore, we expect the same respect when students enter the college grounds by cooperating and working together to make sure the grounds are clean and tidy. We faced a few vandalism and graffiti throughout the primary campus, especially in the toilets. With the support of parents, we are educating students to understand that vandalism and graffiti are anti-social behaviours. It is a piece of legislation that is not taken lightly by authorities. In July this year, Pope Francis in his message about social media and its toxicity behind it “the use of digital media, especially social media, has raised a number of serious ethical issues that call for wise and discerning judgment on the part of communicators and all those concerned with the authenticity and quality of human relationships”. Once again, we urge parents to continue to monitor your child in their use of social media, and to ensure they are safe, and using kind and respectful language when they engage with their friends. With respect to social media, parents were often advised at our events to refrain from taking photos or videos of students.  The purpose of this call is that we have students who have not given permission to the college to publish their photos or videos.  We respect these requests as they have been made due to varied personal reasons. We often ask parents to be considerate and not to upload photos or videos to a social platform, where private information becomes public. Hopefully during these spring holidays, your children will enjoy a time that allow them to run freely and enjoy nature. We look forward to next term where we will have our in-term swimming from the 14 of November to 25 November and the Christmas production entitled “Lights, Camel and Action”, and many exciting events to come. Have a safe and blessed Holiday   Anne Tan Head of Primary Dear Lord, Thank you for this holiday— an extra chance for fun and play. There’s so much I can learn and do even if I’m not in school.   All the beauty and gifts abound. The world you created is all around. Today’s a chance to go explore, try new things, and discover more.   I’ll miss my teacher and my friends just as happens on weekends. But I know that for today, I’m thankful for this holiday.
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College News
St Brigid’s College 2022 ACC Champions
Congratulations to the 2022 Secondary ACC Squad!   What a joyous moment for the 2022 Secondary ACC Squad, who went to WA Athletics stadium yesterday and won the Overall Girls Championship for the B Division! Great news indeed after winning the Junior Girls Division as well. This fantastic result was a true reflection of the talents these students are gifted with and paired with the hard work they put into practice for the competition! Age Champion Under 13’s 100m Hurdles High Jump Javelin Shot Putt Long Jump 2nd Place Amelie Markovic   1st 1st 1st (1.48m) 1st 4th 1st 100m hurdles 200m 400m Long Jump 3rd Place Blair Bell 1st 1st 3rd 1st 1st 400m 200m High Jump 800m 5th Place Maia Goodall 1st 1st 1st (1.40m) 1st   Age Champion Under 14s 400m 200m Long Jump Hurdles 100m 2nd Place Demi Bell* 2nd 2nd 1st 3rd 2nd *Demi is a year 7 who competed in an age group in Year 8.  Age Champion Under 16s 400m Discus Long Jump Hurdles 800m Javelin High Jump 3rd Place Chloe Mills 5th 5th 3rd 4th 3rd 2nd 2nd We also won the Year 7 Relay consisting of Maia Goodall, Amelie Markovic, Gemma Pilot and Blair Bell. They ran this relay in 56 seconds! There were outstanding results on the day, but another special mention goes out to Lucy Quartermaine who competed in the Year 10 age group – even though she is only Year 7. Lucy Came 4th in the 1500m and 3rd in the 800m against girls 3 years older than her. The Carnival live stream replay is available through this link: Finally, thank you to SBC staff members for supporting the girls throughout their preparation. This shows a holistic reflection of the College’s values and its direction moving forward.   Best Regards, Chris Pietroniro and the PE Department   On behalf of the College, we thank Chris and PE Department for their incredible support and guidance to the girls. Well done!    
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