Mercy schools are inspired by the vision of Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. Catherine’s vision is underpinned by the values of compassion, justice, respect, hospitality, service and courage and each Mercy school strives to reflect the spirit of mercy in the relationships it forms with its students, parents, staff, volunteers and the wider school community. Mercy Education has developed two codes of Conduct to provide context for these relationships, the Mercy Education Code of Conduct and the Mercy Education Parent Code of Conduct.

The Mercy Education codes of conduct describe the expected attitudes and behaviours for its employees and school communities. Students can feel safe, protected and empowered with the knowledge that adults have an enhanced understanding of appropriate boundaries in their interactions with young people. Senior leaders, employees and volunteers are guided in their responsibilities to meet professional ethics, workplace health and safety and general conduct obligations in the workplace. Parents are encouraged to work in partnership with their schools to promote supportive and effective relationships with staff and other school families and to act as role models for their children. The Mercy Education Parents Code of Conduct is provided to all families upon enrolment.

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