The St Brigid’s College Library is the hub of St Brigid’s College, bringing learning experiences for the community into a central space, accessible by students in both the primary and secondary schools. This learning ‘heart’ of the College, continues to be much more than a space to browse your favourite work of fiction – but one where critical conversations are held, creativity flourishes, mentoring of student of all ages is evident and our community is united. Engagement and access to learning drive this space. Library’s physical space continues to be reinvented throughout each year. The floor space of the Library has allowed for inter-year level use and it is wonderful to witness a group of Senior students completing their studies at one table and at the next, a group of primary students working collaboratively on their next creation. Our collection has continued to grow across the year, as we have maintained a current and progressive range of books. The focus of the Library is on innovation, as the digital and print information worlds are melded together.

The Library contains a variety of areas:

  • The College Helpdesk – offering support to students and staff to meet their varying technology needs
  • The ‘library resources’ – an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books (both print and eBooks)
  • Extensive lexile reader collection
  • Robotics room
  • Classrooms
  • Study Hub for Senior Students
  • Creative Spaces
  • Collaborative spaces

The collaboration between students and staff is our core focus in this space. The Library allows for opportunities for students a space to also escape from the ‘busyness’ of the school day where all are welcomed.

State Library for WA

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday – 8 am – 4 pm

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