Absentee Forms

If your child or children are going to be absent from school for any reason, it is important that Parents/Guardians inform Student Reception (rather than the class teacher) of all absentees by 8 am.

This can be done via:

If notification has not been received, all families from Pre-Kindergarten to Year Twelve will be notified of any unexplained absence via SMS (or phone call).  This will assist our Student Reception Staff in ensuring that we maintain accurate records of your child’s attendance at school.

All students who leave the College premises during the day to attend appointments or are unwell, must be signed out by a Parent/Guardian through Student Reception.

Late arrivals (students arriving after 8:50am), likewise must be signed in by a Parent/Guardian through Student Reception.

As per the College Organiser a medical certificate is required for extended absences (three days or more) due to illness.

Extended Leave

If you would like to apply for extended leave, please send a request with all details surrounding the leave period to the Principal, Mrs Veronica Parker, at parker.veronica@stbrigids.wa.edu.au


Absentee Form

Please complete this form when your child is going to be absent from school, even if it is only for a portion of the school day. All absentees require a written explanation.