Boarding News

The last six weeks have been unusual for our boarding community. Our girls went home early for the holidays after COVID-19 restrictions saw the closure of our boarding house. Since then, we have seen the girls and their families  take online learning in their stride despite initial glitches with the online learning platforms and erratic  internet connectivity. We’ve been keeping in touch regularly via Zoom, email, phone calls and our boarding Facebook group for parents. It’s also been wonderful seeing the girls show us glimpses of their lives at home through some beautiful photos being shared.

Our staff have been keeping busy doing some upskilling, helping out at school and revamping the boarding undercroft which has received a much needed facelift. It’s been repainted and some decorative  touches will be added soon.


This weekend we excitedly await the arrival of our first group back – never has the laughter of teenage girls been so welcome.

We look forward to a wonderful remainder of term in what are very unique and challenging times for us all.


Annamaria Cream
Head of Boarding