Boarding News

Dear Boarding Parents

As we finish what has been challenging term for us all, I’d like to thank you for all the support you have shown us as we navigated the COVID-19 restrictions and their impact on our boarding community.  The girls too have been outstanding, accepting that we had to make changes and trying very hard at all times to ensure that they adhered to the many additional requirements that were needed.  I thank all our staff who have gone above and beyond cleaning bathrooms and common areas before bed to ensure that extra attention to hygiene which is so important as we endeavoured to keep the community healthy.

I will prior to  the start of Term 3, be writing to you  with an update as to the boarding house as the state enters Phase 5 of restrictions. Whilst I foresee that we will be able to make some very  welcome changes to our current routines, there will, because of the nature of boarding schools, remain an ongoing emphasis on a number of areas, especially given the situation in Victoria and how quickly things changed for the worse.  We are fortunate in WA that we currently have minimal cases, however it is a  good reminder that it takes only 1 to start the spiral of infection.

Our focus on the areas below will continue in term 3:

  1. Continuing to stagger our meal times
  2. Mandatory sanitising upon entering boarding and the dining rooms
  3. Additional cleaning of bathrooms, toilets and common areas
  4. Girls unwell to be collected or remain in isolation house/room till pick up can occur
  5. Collection of tracing data sheets after leave
  6. Limiting numbers in boarding reception
  7. Encouraging a healthy physical distancing between the girls as a desirable practice

I wish the girls a great break  – they have certainly earnt a rest and a few long sleep ins. Its been wonderful seeing them adapt to so many things this term, including a drastic change to the many sporting and recreation activities they’d normally be involved in. I’m very pleased that these areas will be amongst the first where next term, we will see a gradual return to normal (well almost normal) and I hope that for many, this will bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm and happiness.

As always, I’m grateful to you all for your support and understanding.


Best wishes

Annamaria Cream
Head of Boarding