Boarding News

We celebrated National Boarding Week recently with a variety of activities including an invite a teacher to dinner evening and a day girl sleep over. Sharing the boarding experience gave our girls an opportunity to introduce others to boarding life and by all accounts they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

It has certainly been a busy few weeks with the girls busily undertaking various winter sports and extracurricular activities. It has also been very pleasing seeing the girls sign up fir a range of different weekend activities, including those run by our very own talented housemothers who are all very “crafty and creative.”

I am concerned that increasingly, we are seeing a number of girls not join us in the dining room for dinner, preferring to consume junk food after school instead. Whilst I understand that the occasional junk food binge will happen, I am worried that for some girls, the amount of processed food they are eating is unhealthy. It is these same girls who are very hard to motivate out of their rooms making for a very sedate lifestyle exacerbated by poor food choices. I encourage parents to discuss these topics with their daughters during the forthcoming long weekend.

Annamaria Cream
Head of Boarding