Boarding News

As we finish what has been both a busy and challenging term for us all, I looked back on my newsletter item at the same time last year and wouldn’t you know it, COVID 19 was a focus as it has been in recent days! Once again, I thank you all for your support and congratulate the girls for the very understanding and cooperative manner in which they have taken the restrictions of the last week in their stride.

I will, prior to the start of Term 3, be writing to you with any updates that the rapidly and constantly changing situation brings us. But just to be prepared and on the safe side, please make sure that your daughter returns to boarding with at least 2 Perth based guardians in the event we need to shut down rapidly and the girls need to be collected. It would also be useful for each girl to have a supply of face masks and hand sanitiser for person use.

I wish the girls a great break – they have certainly earnt a rest and a few long sleep ins. It has been wonderful to see them so involved in their winter sport and many of the boarding activities available to them including horse riding and kick boxing.

Please do take the time to sit with your daughter and go through her school and boarding report. Many girls are to be congratulated for their excellent effort across both areas, but a small number need to reflect on their overall performance and attitude at both school and boarding and come back with a renewed purpose to improve their personal performance.

I thank Year 11 students Kyra and Savannah who ran a fantastic end of term theme dinner on Monday evening. The theme was Disney and the girls did an amazing job in creating the menu with the chefs and decorating the dining room. Their leadership was outstanding, well done girls.

As always, I’m grateful to you all for your support and understanding.

Best wishes
Annamaria Cream
Head of Boarding