Boarding News

Whilst Term One has offered many challenges for our Boarders and staff, it has also been a term with many highlights!

One of the biggest things I have noticed this year is that the Boarding community truly is a second family for our students. The girls look after each other as they would a sibling, with occasional arguments, but they eventually always make up and become friends again in no time. It is so lovely to watch the girls care for each, tell staff when they are worried about someone and generally be there for each other.  This has been so important in what has been an interrupted and sometimes stressful term.

sculptures by the sea
swan settlers markets
movie night
Kalamunda night markets

We have managed to do some activities out and around Perth, and though, at times, these have been limited, the girls have still had fun.  We went to the beach, had ice-creams, visited the Kalamunda night markets, been shopping and visited the sculptures by the sea.  There has also been plenty of weekend activities at boarding – including all things craft, making a Brownie in a mug, a movie night and finishing off the term with Karaoke.  Thanks to all the regulars who participate, I encourage students to stay in occasionally on the weekend and join in on what is on offer.  Hopefully, the variety of what we can do will open up more in Term Two.

It has also been imposing watching the exercise and sports that many students are doing.  When I get to boarding early in the morning, I am passed by students going for their morning run or going to the gym.  Many in the afternoon visit the gym or the swimming pool.  We also have girls participating in Basketball, horse riding, gymnastics, callisthenics, kickboxing and more.  And once we get into Term Two, it feels like most of the Boarding House will be playing Netball, Hockey or Football.

“In your brain, exercise stimulates chemicals that improve your mood and the parts of the brain responsible for memory and learning” ( If your daughter would benefit from more exercise or sport – please speak to a House Mum about what to get involved with.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday together, and here’s hoping to lessen restrictions and more fun for the girls in Term Two!

Judith Cumpsty

Head of Boarding