Boarding News

2022 has come to an end for all the young ladies at boarding. It has been an experience in watching them change throughout this semester. Friendships is always a tricky path to travel along especially when they are still trying to work out who they are and living with each other 24/7. However, in saying this it wonderful to see how they young ladies have matured and are starting to use some of the skills they have learned during their PCP sessions at school.

We celebrated Christmas as a boarding family and all the young ladies received a small gift from Mrs Clause. The dining room was decorated all things Christmas and the meal prepared by Chief Clare was a traditional Christmas dinner with ham, turkey, pavlova, trifle, jelly ice-cream and of course lollies. The evening was full of laughter and yes, I am sorry to say sugar. Some of the young ladies took a little longer to settle that evening. It reminded me of when my two daughters were growing up and how they would be so hyped up after a good Christmas meal (mainly lollies).


The Boarding mums have been doing a fantastic job in helping the ladies pack up their rooms. It is amazing how much one can gather over the year. Some parents I am sure may have needed a trailer to take everything home. We did open Teresa House where the girls were able to store some of their items.

The young ladies had their final Recreational activities for 2022. These included a drive and walk through the city looking at the Christmas lights, the Sand castle building workshop as well as a movie night on the greens (sloped grass between the houses). Another eventful experience for all who participated.

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