Boarding News

Dear Parents

As we approach the mid term break, I know that so many of the girls are very much looking forward to some time with family and friends. I hope these few days away from school will give them all the opportunity to recharge their batteries before returning for the final 5 weeks of term.

It was wonderful to see our girls feature prominently at a number of college events in recent weeks, in particular I refer to the Athletics Carnival, NAIDOC celebrations  and the Arts Showcase Night. Well done girls on some fabulous  performances.

Increasingly, we are seeing more day girls visit boarding, some even brave enough to come for a sleep over. I do encourage the boarders to invite day girls to join them in boarding as it really is healthy and advisable to have a wide and varied friendship group made of of both boarding and day students.

After the mid term break, we are excited to be offering girls a 10 week self defence programme to be held on campus and I do encourage, especially those girl who aren’t involved in sport, to seriously consider this exciting new initiative. I have  emailed you all the relevant paper work and details should you wish to enrol your daughter.

In recent weeks, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of girls returning back to boarding very late from weekend leave. I do remind parents that leave concludes at 5pm and it is essential, especially on Sundays, that girls return by this time. Late returns are extremely disruptive to the house routines, when we are trying to get the girls ready and organised for the week ahead. Should there be special or extenuating circumstances for a late return, we will of course be accommodating to these requests . I encourage all parents too, to be very vigilant when allowing the girls to go on leave. Please do ensure that you’re very aware of what your girls will be doing, who exactly they will be with  and the level of adult supervision that will be involved.

I was delighted last week, when visiting Karratha,  to catch up with a number of our families from the region and thank them all for taking the time to touch base. I will be at the Dowerin Field Days in  a few weeks and again hope to meet up with our families in the area.

We now have a boarding Facebook group where already 40 parents are involved . Please join the group by going to SBC Boarding in your Facebook search browser and requesting to join.

I thank you all, as always, for your continued support of our boarding community.


With kind regards

Annamaria Cream
Head of Boarding