Boarding News

As we approach the end of another busy term, it is with much excitement that both the girls  and the staff are looking forward to a break.  I Want to commend the girls for what has, overall been a wonderful term in our boarding community. Boarding is much like a big family, and like families, there are times when we need to compromise and work together. It’s been great seeing the girls do this at times during the term.

There are a few girls who do need to focus a little more on the use of their study time each night. I  would encourage you to speak to your daughters about the importance of good study habits in Term 3 which is important preparation time for final assignments and exams for our older girls in particular, and extra and more efficiently used study sessions are ideal for consolidating what’s been learnt in the classroom. Should you feel your daughter would benefit from a tutor, please let me know as we do have a small data base of university students available to assist.

I was interested to note in feedback from the staff after they made their end of term follow up calls home, that a number of parents are a little concerned about the healthy food options available in boarding. I thought it timely to share with you  some information about the healthy options on offer.

  • Vegetarian options are available on request – you just need to let us know.
  • Comprehensive salad bar and least 2 vegetable options accompany EVERY evening meal which always comprises two main choices . Rice is available and the option of brown rice  can be requested.  There are numerous girls who do not put any salad or vegetables on their plate.  Boarding staff are unable to enforce this, so if you have concerns about your daughter’s eating, please have a conversation with her about good habits to follow.
  • Gluten and dairy free options are also available on request or presentation of medical letter.
  • Wholemeal bread options for breakfast and lunches are available as are wraps on request . Oatmeal is available and every breakfast includes fresh fruit and yoghurts in addition to cereals and hot options.
  • Morning teas always include a healthy option and fresh fruit  with the onus being on the girls to take responsibility for their dietary choices . The same applies for afternoon tea.

We find that a number of girls  will regularly access the shopping centre close by and purchase very poor food choices including hot chips, lollies and chocolate. Once again, we can’t forbid this, so it is essential that parents communicate with their children about the choice to eat things of this nature and monitor their daughters spending on such items.

I encourage you to contact me if you wish to discuss any aspect of the “food situation further” or to call in and join us for a meal  so that you’re able to see the choices the girls have available to them.

Best wishes to you all, thank you for your support this term and enjoy the extended time you have with your daughters during this coming holiday period.


Ananmaria Cream
Head of Boarding