Boarding News

Dear Parents

Welcome to another year in boarding. I’m delighted to welcome you all back, especially those families and girls joining us for the first time. The girl shave settled  well despite a number feeling very homesick. We were so pleased that boarding was given a “facelift” over the break and I know the girls were delighted too upon their return.

I do encourage all parents to join our boarding Facebook group as it’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening on a daily basis in your daughter’s life.  Just search SBC Boarding and ask to join the closed group.

As we approach the first long weekend next long weekend for the year, please note, that Boarding will close at 5pm on Thursday 28th February  and reopen at on Monday 4th at 3.00pm  Once again, I remind parents of the following: 

  1. Flights departing before 6am will necessitate girls staying with guardians the night prior to their flying home.
  2. Girls arriving on flights, buses or trains prior to 3pm will need to be collected by Perth based guardians and dropped at boarding after 3pm.

Please ensure that you lodge your Leave via Reach, no later than MONDAY 25th  FEBRUARY, especially if we need to transport the girls.

Join us for Afternoon Tea 

I invite all parents / guardians collecting their girls on Thursday 28  FEBRUARY  to join me for afternoon tea from 2.30-3.30pm in the boarding dining room. For catering purposes, please let me know  via email by Friday 22nd February if you’re able to attend. I do hope to catch up with many of you on the day.

Device Free Time

Thank you to all those parents who completed our technology survey last term, the response was overwhelming and almost 100% of parents supported the introduction of device free time this year. This initiative has now begun (amidst many complaints from the girls )  with no devices available till 12noon on Sundays . Whilst this may sound excessive, please be aware that in the past, the girls were not able to use phones from mass at 9am till after brunch at 10.30am, so in fact, we have added only an extra 90 minutes to this on a Sunday.

We also monitored for a whole term the number of girls studying on Sundays between 10.30am and 12 noon and the number was extremely low. Teaching staff have also  indicated that across all year groups, there is a considerable amount of school work that does not require technology, this includes reading class novels, and texts, note taking and  draft essay writing, so I encourage the girls to focus on these areas should they feel that they need to study at this time.  Device free time will run at the same time each enabling each girl to  easily plan accordingly so that she meets her study requirements. Of course, we will at times leading up to exams etc… be flexible in our approach if needed.  There will, during device free time, be activities running including Fit for Life Sundays and Make up classes, as well as different weekly activities run by our boarding staff.

All devices will be collected at 10.30pm on Saturday evenings.  With the research into the use of devices clear in its caution that young people are spending an inordinate amount of time on  their devices, and that social, emotional and medical conditions are worsening because of this, I hope that by giving the girls an opportunity to engage in activities which promote health and wellbeing, we are in the big picture, working towards happier, healthier young women with well-developed social and interpersonal skills.

Contacting your Daughter

If you need to contact your daughters for any  urgent reason during device free time, please do so  by calling either boarding reception on 9290 4222  or your daughter’s housemother:   

Veronica House  –            0439 098 452
Catherine House  –          0409 294 037
Mercy House –                  0407 198181

 In order to maintain the highest levels of safety and duty of care for the girls, please be aware that girls will not be signed out to anyone unless the person collecting comes to front reception and is sighted by our staff. Please don’t be offended if we ask for identification till we get to know all our new parents and guardians. It is also very important for parents to note that girls will only be signed out to the person listed on the Reach Leave form  If pick up arrangements change please ensure that you let me know so we can ensure staff on reception are aware of any changes. 

As always I welcome your comments and invite you to contact me at any time.



Annamaria Cream
Head of Boarding