Boarding News

It has been a great start to Term Two, with the students pleased that many of the restrictions that were in place in Term One were lifted. It is so nice to see everyone’s face properly, and for the whole Boarding House to be able to have dinner together. However, a reminder to everyone to keep sanitising, social distancing and letting people know when you are not feeling well.

The easing of restrictions also means that we are looking to offer a wider variety of Rec activities on the weekends over the coming months. A reminder that students need to sign up for these on Monday and Tuesday, pay for any expenses on Wednesday, and stick to the commitment made.

It has been so pleasing to see so many students taking part in the wide variety of sporting and exercise options available to them. Three-quarters of the Boarding House is participating in Netball, Hockey or Football over the weekend – with several girls doing two of these sports. We still have basketball running on a Monday night too. There is also a range of activities being offered at school – with Run Club, Athletics training, Floorball and Dance amongst many different opportunities.  And of course, there is always the gym and the pool, both of which are still being used regularly by the Boarders. Doing some sort of movement and exercise is so important for the girl’s mental health, as well as keeping them physically healthy.  This then helps with their concentration in class and with their studies. Well done everyone!

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We are also finding that several girls are feeling homesick as we commence the beginning of Term. Please reassure them that there is nothing wrong or unusual in feeling like that. I remember seeing a quote once that said; ‘if you are feeling homesick, it simply means you came from a happy home’. Some tips on helping the girls can include:

  • Encourage them to get involved – whether it through sport, friends or activities
  • Remind them why they are at boarding school, and the opportunities it can offer
  • Try not to ring them just before bedtime. We find after school or earlier in the evening works well if possible, as then the girls have time to settle down and sort themselves out prior to going to sleep

And remember, quite often after they have been crying to you, we see them running around and laughing with their friends. So do keep the House Mother in the loop, just so she can keep an extra eye on your daughter.

The older girls are now really settling into their studies for the term.  Some of the Year 12 students have just finished their Externally Set Tasks (ESTs), whilst many others have exams looming in the next few weeks. We wish them all luck with their studies, remembering that the earlier you start, the less stressful it will be. If you need help, you can access your House Mum, your Year Team Leader, the Career Counsellor, or any of your teachers of individual subjects. There are plenty of people happy to assist.

Here is hoping that everyone has a fantastic Term Two!

Judith Cumpsty

Head of Boarding