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I marvel at how quickly the  second half of  2020 has gone. I am looking forward to catching up with our families before we break for Christmas and the New Year.

Below are some events we still have to look forward to before the year’s end.

Wednesday 21 October – Parent Forum Meeting @ 6pm for drink and chat with meeting starting at 6:30pm in the College staffroom.

Wednesday 25 November – Parent Forum AGM and then meeting @ 6pm for a drink and chat with AGM starting @ 6:30pm.

Thursday 3 December – Carols on the Green, for one and all.

2020 Meeting Schedule

The next Parent Forum Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 16 September at 9.00 am in the College Staffroom..

The 2020 meetings are listed below, and we look forward to any parents who wish to attend the meetings and get involved.  Meetings are in the Staff room and scheduled at 6.30pm unless indicated.

Term 3 PF Meeting 2, Week 9, 9am Wednesday 16 September
Term 4 PF Meeting 1, Week 2 Wednesday 21 October
PF Meeting 2, Includes AGM, Week 7 Wednesday 25 November



Tracy Gall
Parent Forum President