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It is hard to believe that Term One is all but over and Easter is almost upon us.

The PF Committee and Volunteers have been very active over the last few months.  We supported our wonderful Teachers and Volunteers by providing Food and Refreshments at the various sporting Carnivals – something we will continue to do for the remainder of 2019.  We also provided Fruit for all the Kids at the Junior School Swimming Carnival – With Principal Carmen Cox making sure that every single piece was handed out!  Thanks to Tracey Gall for organising this for us.

Our College’s 90th Birthday Celebration and Mass was a spectacular success.  To all those involved in its organisation … well done, you should all feel very proud of the day.    I would like to thank Peta Kennedy for organising the Face Painting / Bubble Making, Rachel Thomasson for putting together the prizes for the Raffle (also Dave and Phoebe Thomasson for selling Raffle Tickets on the day) and Tammy Brutti for organising the Jumpy Castles / Large Games. It was so good to see all of these being used by the kids (and a few parents), definitely made for a great Community Event.

We have made a slow start to the Small Grants for 2019, but as we have plenty of funds available, we are very keen to start seeing more Grants coming through.  If you have any ideas that could use some funds to help benefit the College, why not apply for an SBC PF Grant!  The process is easy (refer PF page on the College Website), if you have any questions, email me at or give me a call on 0401 990 556.

Finally, I would like to welcome aboard Francis Kennedy, who has kindly volunteered to join the PF Committee.

Do you have some spare Time!

We have some big plans this year, to make them happen, we are going to need some help, so if you have some time and would like to lend a hand (even if it’s only an hour or two), please give me a call, the more help we get the more we can do.

2019 Meeting Schedule

The 2019 meetings are listed below, and we look forward to any parents who wish to attend the meetings and get involved.

Meetings are scheduled at 6.30pm unless indicated.

Term 2 PF Meeting 1, Week 2 Wednesday 8 May
PF Meeting 2, Week 7, 9am Wednesday 12 June
Term 3 PF Meeting 1, Week 3 Wednesday 7 August
PF Meeting 2, Week 7 Wednesday 4 September
Term 4 PF Meeting 1, Week 1 Wednesday 16 October
PF Meeting 2, Includes AGM, Week 6 Wednesday 20 November

On behalf of the PF … I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter.


Paul Kettle
Parent Forum President
0401 990 556.