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Parent Forum News

Our next PF Meeting will be held on Wednesday June 12th at 9 am. The aim of a morning timeslot is to allow those people who are not able to attend meetings in the evenings to come along.  So if you are able to make it, that would be fantastic.

Once again, we are going to selling Entertainment Books this year (thanks to Katy Bick) for running with this), a communication will be coming out shortly.  All orders placed will raise funds for the PF.

Behind the scenes, the PF is hard at work organising the upcoming events:

  1. SciTech
  2. Junior School Disco
  3. Senior School Quiz Night

Further details will be available in the very near future.

Finally, a reminder, that we have lots of funds available, so if you have any ideas that require funding and would benefit the College, staff or students, why not apply for an SBC PF Grant!  The process is very easy (refer PF page on the College Website), if you have any questions, email me or give me a call.

2019 Meeting Schedule

The 2019 meetings are listed below, and we look forward to any parents who wish to attend the meetings and get involved.

Meetings are scheduled at 6.30pm unless indicated.

Term 2 PF Meeting 2, Week 7, 9am Wednesday 12 June
Term 3 PF Meeting 1, Week 3 Wednesday 7 August
PF Meeting 2, Week 7 Wednesday 4 September
Term 4 PF Meeting 1, Week 1 Wednesday 16 October
PF Meeting 2, Includes AGM, Week 6 Wednesday 20 November


Paul Kettle
Parent Forum President
0401 990 556.