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The Parent Forum welcomes all new and returning families back to SBC for what we hope will be a wonderful year.

Our first event for 2020 is our “Welcome Afternoon” on Sunday, February 23rd commencing at 4pm, click here for details.  RSVP at

School Banking

We are also looking for additional helpers to assist our School Banking Coordinator. If you have some time to spare on Wednesday mornings, please contact Kyllie Whitehead on 0409 015536.  More details available here.

2020 Meeting Schedule

The 2020 meetings are listed below, and we look forward to any parents who wish to attend the meetings and get involved.  Meetings are in the Staff room and scheduled at 6.30pm unless indicated.

Term 1 PF Meeting 2, Week 7 Wednesday 18 March
Term 2 PF Meeting 1, Week 2 Wednesday 6 May
PF Meeting 2, Week 8, 9am Wednesday 17 June
Term 3 PF Meeting 1, Week 3 Wednesday 5 August
PF Meeting 2, Week 9, 9am Wednesday 16 September
Term 4 PF Meeting 1, Week 2 Wednesday 21 October
PF Meeting 2, Includes AGM, Week 7 Wednesday 25 November


Tracy Gall
Parent Forum President