From the Deputy Prinicpal

From the Deputy Principal

How fabulous has it been to see our students back on campus? there is nothing better than a classroom of students.  I would like to firstly thank our teaching staff for the marvellous work they put in over the past months in providing a breadth of learning experiences for our students and also being incredibly flexible in a forever changing environment.  I would like to thank our students for demonstrating resilience, perseverance and also flexibility.  Finally, to our parents, thank you for supporting us on this journey, without your support on the home front we would not have achieved so much.  What a community we have.

At the end of last term, our Year 10 students submitted their Personal Projects and, on the 29th May, all teaching staff were involved in the moderation of results of these projects.  Staff were allocated an additional two projects to review and provide in depth feedback to the supervising teacher.  Our teachers become very attached to their students’ journey and the moderation process is an extra check to ensure that standards are maintained throughout.  The feedback from all teachers involved was that our students have worked at a commendable level to produce amazing results, so many projects were ‘personal’ to the student’s own story and we thank you for sharing this with us.    Our Year 11 and 12 students commenced their exams and I would like to congratulate them on the manner in which they have been approaching their exams, the positivity has been fantastic to see, as has the level of preparation and supporting of one another.  Always use the exam period as part of the learning experience, seek assistance from your teachers, ask lots of questions, be proactive, look after yourself and when you return to class move forward by responding to what you have learnt.  Many of our Certificate III Education Support students are also completing their placement hours in Primary Schools across Perth and we are looking forward to hearing about their time.

Our teachers are working very hard to prepare the Half Yearly Reports for 2020, for students in Pre-primary to Year 12.  In some year levels, the reports may look slightly different to previous years’ reports to accommodate the differing evidence of progress has been gathered over the past months. Our teaching staff are confident that they will be providing families with a clear understanding of the learning journey to date.  Whilst we would have preferred to hold our upcoming Parent – Student – Teacher interviews face to face, we have decided that our interviews will occur in one of two formats this semester, phone call (Pre-kindergarten to Year 6) or via Teams (Years 7 – 12) on the 2nd July.  Information will be circulated to families in the coming weeks re: appointments.  Final touches are being put on our Subject Selection Evening for Year 11 2021, information has been emailed to all families.  Parents of Year 10 students are strongly encouraged to make appointments with your daughter’s teachers when the portal opens to discuss recommendations for selections.

The College is definitely a buzz of activity with students being on campus and we are looking forward to the rest of the term and watching our students fly.


Janine Walsh
Deputy Principal