From the Deputy Prinicpal

From the Deputy Principal

The term has busily begun for students in both the middle years and primary years programmes’ who have been involved in rich learning experiences to broaden their understandings through inquiring into various ‘big questions’ through either the Primary Years Exhibition Unit in Year 6 or an Interdisciplinary Unit in Years 7 – 10.

Our Year 6 students have continued their exploration of Sharing the Planet to ascertain the impact of human kind on our most precious resources.  Students have researched during the stages of Form, Function and Causation to identify issues which have ‘ignited’ curiosity and importantly a call for action to preserve the environment, including pollution through to upcycling.  The stage of Change led students to create timelines of the development of the issue at hand, Connection has been to create mind maps to pull their thoughts and research together,  with a survey sent to the community in Perspective to gather our community’s feedback on topics ranging from biodegradation to water pollution and deforestation.  We are looking forward to seeing our students share with their families virtually this year via TEAMs their journey.  We are very proud of how each of the Year 6 students have been approaching this unit of inquiry.

In the middle years the Years 7 – 10 students have been involved one or two interdisciplinary units (per year level).  The week’s timetable is collapsed and students are given the opportunity to work with a variety of staff and students to investigate topics such as propaganda techniques, conflict resolution, the energy needs of our planet and the importance of communities.  Students have been collaborative in their approach and have shown ownership of their learning; activities throughout the week have been varied and included units being involved in water testing, leading sessions with our primary students, fitness activities, multimedia presentations and blogging.  They have been inquirers, open minded, principled and definitely reflective.  The week culminated in final presentations from all groups; congratulations to all for a very successful week.  A special thank you to our teams of teachers who invested much time and enthusiasm into providing these invaluable learning experiences for our students.

Year 11 students have begun final units of their courses and working towards the upcoming  examination period.  Our Year 12 ATAR students have been preparing for their upcoming exams commencing on the 2nd November, we welcome our examination invigilator from SCSA Clive Gilles to our campus and thank you for your time.  Many of our Year 12s are also seeking employment, refining applications, commenced working or even taking some much deserved time to reconnect with themselves and families.  We wish you all well.

In the bIBliotech aside from hosting various interdisciplinary units during the day and our Junior students completing their weekly borrowing; the team has been preparing our many new resources that have arrived (a bit later than expected due to Covid), welcoming back the many returns (and overdues, much appreciated) assisting students with researching and accessing the collection, preparing displays for NAIDOC Week, with teachers also contributing to Remembrance Day and the Year 10 2020 Personal Project (please do keep those projects coming in to Mrs Wood).  Of course we are also eagerly waiting to welcome our grandparents into the bIBliotech on the 6th November plus the annual Scholastic Book Fair!  We also have completed a ‘huge’ book covering session and I would like to thank the many Year 11s who gave their lunch times to cover new books and to our fabulous parent helpers Ceri Wilkinson and Sonya McGillivray.  A real team effort.


Janine Walsh
Deputy Principal