From the Deputy Prinicpal

From the Deputy Principal

Reporting Changes Semester One
Over the past few months, staff across the College have been involved in a review of the College reports across all Year levels. Families will continue to be able to access their Reports from the College Portal and also the new report explanations. You should notice a number of changes to the reports in order to ensure that various educational reporting requirements are being met but importantly the changes are hoped to make our reports more ‘readable’ for families and show continuity between the sub-schools. All reports now contain information addressing:

  • Pastoral care
  • Transdisciplinary skills
  • Subject specific information e.g. Grades or Descriptors on a five-point scale

Further changes that you will notice are –

  • Homeroom comments in Years 7 – 12 have been replaced by a checklist, addressing areas directly focused on in the Homeroom session. Greater emphasis has been placed in the transdisciplinary skills for each subject area.
  • Year 6 Reports follow the same format as Years 1 – 5.
  • The General Comments section for the Year 1 – 6 students has been broken into clear sub-sections including General Comment, Religious Education, Language – English and Mathematics.

Please do make contact with staff to discuss your son or daughter’s progress in the first semester. Staff have requested contact with families for a variety of reasons on the College Report, however parents and guardians are always welcome to meet with teachers throughout the year.

Subject Selection – Year 11 2018
Our Year 10 students have commenced their subject selection journey for 2018 over the past weeks and has been culminated in the Careers Expo, Year 11 2018 Subject Selection Evening and also the individual interviews scheduled. The selection of courses should be made on the basis of a student’s academic achievements (both past and present), interests and possible future directions. It is essential that students have demonstrated key knowledge and understandings in order to experience success; this is a key consideration in choosing the correct pathway for the coming years. Detailed information is provided in the Year 11 and 12 Curriculum Handbook located at

Broadly, there are four options for course selections available to students.

  • ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) courses
  • General courses
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) Certificates
  • Endorsed programmes

It is also possible to ‘mix and match’ these options to provide the best platform to meet the requirements to attain the Western Australian Certificate of Education and prepare students for life beyond school. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with our families over the coming weeks.


Janine Walsh
Deputy Principal