From the Deputy Prinicpal

From the Deputy Principal

The past weeks have been a culmination of the wonderful work of our students in both the Junior and Middle Schools; with the Personal Project Exhibition Evening and the commencement of the Junior School Exhibition Unit of Inquiry.

In the Junior School, under the leadership of Sharryn Cunningham, Carmela Guadagnino and Joe Comito, the students have begun to explore the transdisciplinary theme of How the World Works and the Central Idea for this is People use their understanding of Science to invent, create and innovate. To assist student’s deeper connection for this, they have been immersed in learning incursions, activities and excursions allowing for questions to be formulated and discussions about global issues have occurred. This unit of inquiry allows students to gain a rich understanding of the interconnectedness of each of the learning areas and how this knowledge and understandings can be extended beyond the classroom.  Our students have chosen their preferred “burning question” and they have been placed into larger collaborative groups to initialise their research needs and develop a greater sense of direction for their inquiry and in turn our mentors have been engaged as pivotal support structures for this learning journey.  The Junior School Exhibition is held on the 15th October between 4 – 6 pm; please note it in your calendar as we promise you will be most impressed by our Year 6 students.

On Monday the 10th September our community celebrated the journey of our Year 10 students, at the Personal Project Exhibition.  Each year we note that the standard has reached new heights and again this year we were not disappointed. The Personal Project calls for students to also identify their ‘burning question’ which they explore across a twelve month period; aided by a St Brigid’s Supervisor and many family and friends.  The Year 10s were eloquent in their conversations with our community members and were a credit to themselves, their families and to our College staff.  The buzz in the bIBliotech highlighted the great personal achievements that we celebrated.  There are so many personal highlights and I could list each and every project but our projects ranged from an M and M Elvis, various pieces of recycled furniture which would take pride of pace in any home, shoes housing succulents, woollen wigs which would delight any budding princess, a handmade uekele, novelettes, sporting jersey’s designed capturing homelands, robots, fundraising projects to raise awareness, family histories, reinvented clothing and journeys of self-discovery.  Again a special thank you to Martha Woods our Project Coordinator, who puts in so much work behind the scenes.  Year 10 students well done.  To our Year 9 students we wish you well as your chapter begins.

Our Year 12 ATAR students have commenced their Trial WACE Examinations and we wish them all the best, study hard, be kind to yourself, take offers of assistance from your teachers, eat and sleep well and remember to read the papers carefully!  Our Year 12 students studying various certifications are very close to their completion to attain a national qualification; and in the case of many two qualifications, with one being at a Certificate IV standard.

I have been back and forth enjoying long service leave this term and I wanted to express my huge thank you to Mark Sills who stepped into the role in my absence; you have been greatly appreciated and also to Judith Cumpsty who also assisted.  We are blessed to have such great teams working within the College.

I wish you are very safe end to the term and holidays.

Janine Walsh
Deputy Principal