From the Deputy Prinicpal

From the Deputy Principal

What an amazing start to the term we have had at the College.  Firstly, I must pass on my congratulations to the Class of 2018; who were so dignified in their completion of their final days at the College and really demonstrated true mercy spirit.   We are proud of each and every student and are anticipating the cohort to attain 100% WACE, all students have met the requirements of OLNA, all VET students have completed their certification (minimum level of Certificate III) and a select group of students have attained a Certificate IV.  There is much to celebrate and we are looking forward to seeing more fine results in the coming months.

In the Junior School, our students explored the transdisciplinary theme of How the World Works and the Central Idea for this unit was ‘People use their understanding of Science to invent, create and innovate’. To assist student’s deeper connection for this, they were immersed during Term 3 in learning incursions, activities, mentoring conversations and excursions allowing for questions to be formulated and discussions about global issues have occurred. This unit of inquiry allowed students to gain a rich understanding of the interconnectedness of each of the learning areas and how this knowledge and understandings can be extended beyond the classroom.
Our students chose their preferred “burning question” and worked collaboratively with likeminded peers.  This journey built on knowledge, skills and understandings gained not only from Year 6 but from all of their time engaged with the Primary Years Programme.  Topics were diverse and included sustainability, drought, mental health, disability awareness and technology addiction.  The Exhibition twilight evening showcased this inquiry with our community and we were ‘blown away’ by the maturity of ideas and depth of questioning exhibited by our young people, but what was most impressive was the true sense of agency amongst the children.

Students in the middle years again engaged in their interdisciplinary week, where each area of learning is connected and skills transferred.  Teachers have further used the Middle Years Programme, to develop deep understandings of the Western Australian Curriculum and also to broaden connections between the learning areas. Students are to be congratulated on their level of engagement, collaboration and rigor with which they approached this week.  Teams of teachers have consistently refined dynamic programmes which aim not only to involve students in the learning process but also to push their minds to think outside the box and to challenge the ‘norms’ of regular education.  Topics and their activities were diverse and so engaging; electricity, auslan, the glorious mysteries of the rosary, revolutionary dancing, the effectiveness of propaganda, turning points in history, ecological studies, battling crocodile infested waters and even positive psychology (and this is just a snap shot).  Students could be found lining various parts of the school constructing, designing, blogging, interviewing, debating and reflecting.  They were more than willing to share their journey with any passer-bys and I was very privileged to witness their final products begin to evolve.  During this week students were encouraged to become agents of their learning, and the evidence by the end of day one was clear that this was going to be achieved.  Again congratulations!       

In the bIBliotech our final Book Fair of the year (there is always are bargain to be had) was very successful as was the ‘book adaption agency’ – an effort to re-home surplus books.



A successful start to Term 4 has been had by all and we look forward to remainder of the term being a busy one as we complete final assessments, transition arrangements begin, we welcome new students into our lovely community and we prepare to embrace whatever challenges are ahead.


God bless and enjoy Term 4.

Janine Walsh
Deputy Principal