From the Deputy Prinicpal

From the Deputy Principal

Personal Project

Last year our Year Ten students commenced their Personal Project; for some, embarking on the Project was a little daunting, as it is open ended, challenges the mind (and body and soul at times), places students both inside and outside of their comfort zone, empowers and places ‘voice, choice and agency’ at the centre of the exploration.  Beginning with selecting their topic and creating their goal, our students went ahead to research, plan and develop a product or outcome, all the while reflecting on their new understandings and the learning experience. Workshops were held, countless emails and supervisor meetings, lunchtime meetings and there was plenty to document in their OneNote Journal.  The Personal Project is an outstanding example of what students can achieve when they challenge themselves to pursue something with passion, dedication and enthusiasm.   Staff have gathered to moderated in a collaborate forum the Year Ten’s Projects and is an extremely valued professional development opportunity; the room was definitely abuzz.  However, this journey ultimately culminated in our Exhibition evening, attended by family, friends and community members.  Our girls showed with great pride their report, product and journey.  The biBliotech was energised by the maturity of discussions, openness as to the motivation behind the topics and the creativity demonstrated by all.  We are truly proud of each of our young women in Year Ten.  The projects were diverse; ranging from pieces of art, furniture, metal health awareness, insights into ‘home’ in communities around the state, instruments, books, short stories and the list is endless.  Equally pleasing was listening to our students from across the College who visited throughout the week and who can’t wait until their turn (some a good 6 years into the future), as they were so inspired.  I take this opportunity to again congratulate each Year Ten for their efforts, you should be very proud of yourself.  To our parents and guardians thank you for supporting your daughters on this journey, I know they appreciated it.  To our supervisors who were also like ‘proud parents’ at the Exhibition and to Ms Wood who led our girls for the twelve months, we thank you.


Our Year Three, Five, Seven and Nine students completed their NAPLAN across Writing, Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy.  However, it is essential to remember that NAPLAN is a point in time assessment.  It measures how a student performs on that day on that component.  What is not seen or recorded are the conversations held in classrooms, debating issues and exploring new concepts.  It does not measure the diverse gifts of our children who sing, dance, paint, dig deep holes (and climb out again) or design new and exciting worlds.  It does not measure how our children have demonstrated our College values and have a deep sense of justice, compassion or hospitality.  It does not replace the data gathered on student achievement across the year (and we will continue to do so) but assists staff in their programming to meet our children’s needs.  All we asked and continue to ask, is for those children to continue to do their best, that is all we can ask of them.  For students who have sat the OLNA in Years Ten, Eleven or Twelve; we encourage you to continue to work with your teachers to refine your understandings, clarify areas which you may have been challenged with and to continue to prepare for Round Two in September.


Examinations and Externally Set Tasks – Year Twelve

Our Year Twelve students have sat their first set of examinations (ATAR) or their Externally Set Tasks (General) over the past two weeks.  It was pleasing to see so many of our students from both pathways taking advantage of the additional tuition opportunities provided by our College staff to review learnings from the past semester.  In addition, to students preparing for these assessments, our Certificate III Education Support students have also been busy completing their required placement hours and the feedback from their schools has been outstanding.  We wish the Year Ten and Eleven students all the best for their examinations.


Choices and Challenges – The Journey Begins

Our Year Ten students have begun in Term Two their subject selection process for Years Eleven and Twelve, commencing with attending the Kalamunda Careers’ Expo.  Students were able to spend time speaking with a variety of vendors, ranging from the TAFE and Universities through to Apprenticeships and Private Institutes.  Students will be involved in presentations over the coming weeks regarding subjects available to be considered in 2020 by the various Learning Areas and also an overview of options post-St Brigid’s College.  On the 22nd July we will be holding a Parent Subject Selection Evening for all Year Ten parents and their daughters.  Should any Year Eleven families whose daughter may be considering a pathway change you are also welcome.  Further, information will be sent to families towards the end of the term.


Janine Walsh
Deputy Principal