From the Deputy Prinicpal

From the Deputy Principal

It has been an incredible end to Term 3 and a beginning to Term 4 already.  A huge congratulations to all of our Year  12 students especially

  • 54 students sat their Trial WACE Examinations at the end of the term, in preparation for next month’s WACE examinations.
  • 30 students completed their General pathway subjects
  • 44 students have completed a Certificate III, delivered at St Brigid’s.
  • 5 students completed an additional certificate

We are very proud of each student as they now prepare for this next stage of their journey, whether it be sitting their WACE Exams, seeking employment or enrolling in post-school courses.  We wish our ATAR students good luck in these coming weeks and remember ‘stay calm’ and we know you can only do your best.  Do refer to the Year 12 Information Handbook located on the SCSA website to remind yourself of the ‘rules’ and what can be taken into examination rooms.  It is also important to bring your signed personalised timetable with you to each exam.  Finally be on time and allow yourself enough time to have a few quiet moments before approaching the examination rooms.

Our Year 6 students are immersed in their Junior School Exhibition at present and we are looking forward to their showcase of their journey and exploration of their ‘burning questions’ on the 7th November, 4 pm.

Our Years 10 to 12 students who sat their September OLNA should now have been able to access their results via the Parent Portal.  We are pleased with the efforts of all of our students and we must extend congratulations to those students who demonstrated dedication to their studies outside of the regular school hours and have improved results and/or have reached Category 3 – your efforts have been rewarded.  Students who have achieved in Category 3 have met the requirements for OLNA in the stated category (writing, reading and/or numeracy).  Students who have achieved in Category 1 or 2, have yet to meet the requirements of OLNA and Year 10 and 11 students will have further attempts to meet this standard.  Students who have not met the requirements will also receive a personalised outline of areas which are to be addressed.  Parents and students are asked to speak directly with your daughter’s Language and Literature and/or Mathematics teacher for further advice or assistance.

Week 2 has seen the commencement of the Middle Years Interdisciplinary Units for Years 7 to 10.  Students have select a unit which integrates a number of learning areas, and are able to work collaboratively with different students and teachers across the week.  Our units are diverse including Turning Points in Time, You Can’t Handle The Truth, Connecting People and You Say You Wanna Revolution.  It was fantastic experiencing the high level of engagement amongst our girls who danced to John Lennon, started to explore the influence of the media on purchasing products, challenged the impact of our footprint on the environment and reflected on their personal well-being.  Well done to all involved, we are looking forward to seeing the end product of your journey this week.  See below for photos.

The bIBliotech continues to be ‘the hub’ of the College.  I would like to extend my admiration to our Year 7 Hip Hop Crew who have been practicing for months in this venue choreographing their first routine – we have loved your determination and creativity, plus can not wait for your first performance.  What is most impressive is that you have all been self-motivated!  We have continued to add to our collection and the eBook trial has been met with great success, this has been extended through into the holidays.  Students of all ages have been engaged with the new big games – scramble, rummy and battleship (fun but also fantastic when refining numeracy and literacy skills).  RAD Readers enters its final term and thank you to add students and parents who are joining us.

May all students across the College set goals for themselves and aim high, we know this is going to be your term!

God Bless


Janine Walsh
Deputy Principal


IDU Week photos