From the Deputy Prinicpal

From the Deputy Principal and the bIBliotech

Our children should be very pleased with the degree of diligence and enthusiasm which they have returned for Term 2.  It is hard to believe that we are well into Week 4 in this 9 week term already; I am sure we were just all meeting at our first Parent Teacher Interviews at the end of Term 1 (and we loved meeting so many families).  For our Year 10s the term is focussed on not only the pending first exams but also the subject selection process for 2019.  It is important to remember that the selection process is one of collaboration between parents, friends, teachers and our Year 10s, we are walking with you.  Information will be shared throughout the term but do place in your diary the subject selection meeting, for both Year 10 and Year 11 (Year 11 and 12 2019) students and families on the 27th June.  This evening is also shared with our very successful annual Careers Expo.

Our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students have completed the inaugural online NAPLAN for 2018.  We wish all our students to remember that it is your sense of humour, kind heartedness, generosity, gentle nature, compassion, honesty, craziness and uniqueness which you are remembered for.  Your incredible hard work each and every day is what will allow you to reach personal heights.  Embrace each new challenge with both hands and keep that smile on your face.  In the bIBliotech we witness each and every day these qualities, from all students from all age levels.  We have loved watching the Junior students engage with our ‘Upcycling’ section in the bIBliotech – it is wonderful to witness their imagination reinvent the most ordinary items, which have been discarded by their previous owners.  Personally I loved watching the faces of child unravel ‘cassettes’ and I am sure they still do not believe me that this is where music and sound was recorded ‘in the old days’ (well I think it wasn’t that long ago).

We have just finished our first Scholastic Book Fair for 2018 and what a great success it has been; with the College earning points to restock our collection, and many money boxes lighter and book shelves added to at home.  A huge thank you to all parent volunteers who assisted and our community for supporting this event.  Our Years 1 – 3 students also have begun the Junior RoboClub programme each Thursday morning.  All IB students in both programmes are either engaged in either their current UOI – do ask them about their learning journey they have amazing tales to tell or in the MYP they are seeking deeper understandings through the inquiry process. Our Year 10s are continuing their work on their Personal Project; this year’s exhibition is promising to continue the previous years’ high standards. 

Finally, to our most senior students, our Years 11 and 12 – some simple exam advice; prepare, consolidate, ask questions, breathe, take some time out, ask more questions, eat healthy, if you need chocolate – eat chocolate and importantly, approach your exams with the desired outcome in sight.  Nothing comes easy but hard work definitely helps along the way.  Finally, learn from your mistakes (yes take a moment to be disappointed or a little annoyed) but mistakes are what helps us grow, broaden our knowledge and ultimately achieve success.


I wish everyone a successful term.

God bless

Janine Walsh
Deputy Principal