From the Principal

From the Principal

Since our last eNews, we are pleased to welcome Ms Jessica Klassens, who joins us in Kindergarten, Mrs Sue Kerrigan, who will be providing Counselling services to our students while Mrs Carr in on leave, and Ms Natalie Mandry who joins us teaching Music and Technology in Years 7 and 8. We wish Ms Pia Nidd well as we farewelled her last week.

Despite a number of COVID-19 restrictions still in place,  staff  worked hard last week to  keep the Arts @SBC alive and celebrate National Arts in Education Week. Our Bibliotech display showcased some of the work explored during isolation and each day, exciting on-line Arts based opportunities were shared with the students. We also had screens around the College playing recordings of the amazing creative projects the Arts has produced over the years.

House spirit at the College is usually in full flight by this time in the year with numerous competitions and activities organised to gain house championship points. With the interruption to the term amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we explored alternatives to  keep the house competition moving and provide the students with a sense of spirit and connection to the school despite the extended absence off campus. The girls were challenged to create  short videos that demonstrated both social distancing and house spirit.  With points for show of house colour and  spirit, originality and overall entertainment value, the submissions have clearly highlighted that whilst we may have been separated for a time, the students sense of camaraderie is now stronger than ever.

In the coming weeks, we will focus on what we can do to help those less fortunate as we plan for Lifelink activities that we can adapt to our social distancing needs.

With COVID-19 restrictions easing  in the coming weeks, we are all looking forward to being able to reignite some of the many wonderful teaching and learning and extra-curricular activities which have been on hold. Our Year 11/12 students are currently undertaking exams and I wish them all the very best. ESTs for our General classes are also soon approaching and I know the girls are busily preparing.

Parents can once again access the school calendar on our website. At this stage, the events listed are on the proviso that the College reserves the right to make changes depending on the COVID-19 restrictions at that time. On the upside, activities such as excursions, guest speakers etc. will slowly reappear as we adapt to the easing of restrictions. As per usual practice, parents will receive email notification as these commence.

It has been wonderful having our girls and boys back on campus and I thank you  for your  support and patience as we have transitioned back to face to face learning.


God Bless


Carmen Cox