From the Principal

From the Principal

As I write to you, excitement is definitely in the air as our students and members of staff look forward to the end of a very busy Term 4. We have also just enjoyed our first taste of what the summer months have in store for us!

I would like to start by thanking our staff and students for the marvellous day they prepared for our visiting grandparents last week. We believe that we may have had far more than the 650 guests we anticipated attend morning tea and the various activities we had planned, so in true Catholic fashion, we invoked the miracle of the loaves and fishes and ensured that no one was left without nourishment. Some may have missed a juice box, however!

We love welcoming our families to the College, and our students love to have their families visit their classes. We thank you for spending the morning with us – it was such a joy to see the students interact with, and enjoy your company.

Thank you to those who supported our Book Fair last week. I am told that we reached a new record in book sales with commissions from these sales, converted to Scholastic dollars, enabling us to purchase $3,000 worth of resources for our library. Thank you to Ms Walsh and Ms McKnight for their organisation of the Book Fair.

I was privileged to attend the Year 11 Final Mass last week. Our Year 11s are now either sitting examinations, or completing workplace commitments for their certificated courses. We wish them all the best for the end of the year.

With only three weeks to go until the end of Term 4, I would like to emphasise to all families the importance of continued, regular school attendance until Friday, 3rd December 2021. I ask that our students fully commit to their studies and to finalise any outstanding work they may have. Your support in this area is greatly appreciated. Staff have many activities organised to ensure completion of curriculum, as well as additional opportunities for our students. Activities include swimming lessons for our primary students, preparation for final assemblies and the Primary Concert; and an Innovator’s Expo for Year 7 students. For the first time this year, our Year 9 students will be sitting examinations. Please keep them in your prayers.

This week we farewell Ms Erin Carr, our College Psychologist. We thank her for her years of service to the College and wish her many blessings in her new endeavours. Whilst we will be without a Psychologist for the last two weeks of school, plans have been made to ensure that counselling is available for the start of our new school year, 2022. Should you have concerns regarding your child in the remaining weeks of Term, kindly contact your child’s Head of School.

Bask in, and enjoy the beautiful weather our good Lord has sent us.

God Bless,

Carmen Cox