From the Principal

From the Principal

Our dam is full and the creeks around our picturesque campus are flowing.  We are in the Noongar season of Makuru, which is both the coldest and wettest time of the year.

There has been an abundance of Mercy hospitality generously served up during my first two weeks at St Brigid’s.  The community has created spaces of peace and welcome for me as I have been inducted into this wonderful College family.   I am very excited to be here and look forward to listening and learning from staff, parents and students.


We began the term with the celebration of NAIDOC Week.  The theme of NAIDOC this year was “Stand Up, Get Up, Show Up”.  This theme is a great reminder to all of us of the importance of generously sharing our God given gifts and talents.  We are powerful beyond measure and playing small, serves nobody.  NAIDOC Week is nationally celebrated during the school holidays in Western Australia, so the first week of term is the opportune time to honour our first nations people in promoting justice and reconciliation.

The College gathered for a smoking ceremony facilitated by Grace Comeagain, followed by a Welcome to Country by local elder, James Kearing, and then a performance by local dancers, Binar, on Tuesday, 19th July.  The students of St Brigid’s spent the full week engaged in a range of activities developed by our Waalitj Foundation, Deadly Sista Girlz.  There was an abundance of joy around the campus as students had an opportunity to appreciate the traditional and contemporary culture of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.  Friday morning tea was a banquet of traditional Australian cuisine enjoyed by both staff and students.



Last Tuesday evening, I joined our boarding students with Ms Hepi for dinner.  It was great to see our young women settling back into their “home away from home”.  I was very impressed with the neat and tidy rooms and gave the catering team an excellent rating. I look forward to joining our boarders one night every week as I get to know them and the staff of the boarding houses.

Congratulations to our Year 3 – 6 Interschool Cross Country students on participating in the Carnival last Tuesday at McGillivray Oval.  Some of the students enthusiastically came to my office at the end of the day to share their achievements with me. I commend all students who participated in the training leading up to this Carnival, and thank parents and staff of St Brigid’s for their ongoing support.

Last night, our Year 11 students joined with the Year 11s from Mazenod College in a Quiz Night in our College Staffroom.  The College was filled with joy as the students engaged in combined teams, answering a broad range of trivia.

I commend our Year 10 Drama students who performed 4 short acts for friends and family on Thursday evening. This performance, like many others, has been long awaited due to its postponement during Semester One.  Thank you to all students who assisted in the technical components of this live performance.  It was highly entertaining.

Thank you to the staff of St Brigid’s for their ongoing dedication and commitment to our students.

Please do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an email if you require support.  I look forward to working with you.


Veronica Parker