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Welcome to Term 2, at school and at home!  I hope you and your children had an enjoyable holiday break, albeit a very different experience I’m sure. It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school and we look forward to the classrooms being full again in the not too distant future. Out of challenge however, we are discovering new ways of connecting and supporting each other.

As the term starts, whether your child is learning at school or at home, it is important to re-establish routines. Keep to regular routines as much as possible, or help create new ones in a new environment. Although the teaching and learning may look a little different for now, we are still learning together and growing together as a community.

For the start of Term 2, teachers will be continuing to provide learning experiences via online delivery to students, whether your child is at home or school. Activities and learning have been streamlined so the same concepts are delivered both in the classroom and at home to facilitate the best possible learning experiences during this time. It is important that all students are learning at home and each school day teachers upload and post a variety of engaging learning experiences via Seesaw.


The teachers have been delighted to see how energetic and enthusiastic the children have been to meet up with them through Seesaw or in the school classroom. The teachers have adopted some very creative ways to greet the children online each morning and look forward to engaging with them to provide valuable feedback about their learning. I sincerely thank the staff for their ongoing work in this ever-evolving space and commitment to planning and delivering high quality learning experiences.

Attendance at school will be taken for students present in class and for those ‘learning at home’. For students working from home they are expected to engage with Seesaw activities for both a morning and afternoon session for it to be considered a full day attendance. Unless evidence is available to the teacher, the student will be recorded as ‘absent’ from learning for that particular day.

We are truly grateful for the positivity, collaboration and support of our parents in sharing the learning experiences. We rely on you to make sure the children are engaged in their home learning and appreciate that this can be challenging at times! Please email your child/ren’s teacher if you have any questions. Thank you also for your support, as we work together to make the transition back to more ‘normal’ school arrangements as manageable as possible over the coming weeks.

Drop off and pick up

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and patience at the drop-off and pick-up area located off Glen Road. In the morning staff are on hand from 8:15am to greet the children, the younger students are escorted to their classrooms. In the afternoon Pre-Kindy to Year 2 students, along with siblings, will be in the pick-up area from 2.45p.m. under the supervision of staff. Students in Years 3 to 6 will be in the area from 3.15p.m. and we kindly ask that you wait until then before arriving. The safety of the children is paramount and parents/caregivers are reminded to take extra care during the busy times and instruct loved ones to exit the vehicle on the left-hand side where possible.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day when we thank and acknowledge the wonderful gift of Mothers and/or those who look after us like mothers, sometimes that may be Dad, Step mother or Grandma. I am sure the children will show their love and appreciation for you on this special day in recognition for all that you do for them.


Kartina Fiolo
Acting Head of Junior School