Junior School

Junior School News

Dear Parents and Caregivers.

It has been wonderful to finally welcome back all the children.

Thank you to parents for their ongoing support cooperation and assistance, during the extended remote learning time and with the temporary arrangements to ensure the health and safety of our community. We are very proud too of the way the children have navigated their way through this extraordinary time.

Whilst I understand some parents have had reservations about the drop-off and pick-up arrangements, a definite positive has been the development of resilience and independence by the children through the way they have entered the school and started the day. The feedback from staff has been that all children have settled extremely well into learning routines and there is a significant improvement in their readiness to begin the day. As we move into Phase 3 of easing of restrictions, parents can now enter the school grounds for drop-off and pick-up, however, to maintain appropriate social distancing, parents are asked to refrain from entering classrooms.

Although the weather has been beautiful of late, students are required to wear the Winter uniform each day, except for the day/s they have a timetabled Physical Education lesson. To help locate any lost items, please ensure your child’s name is clearly marked on everything.

It is hard to believe that the end of Semester One is fast approaching. The children are full immersed in their Units of inquiry and are enjoying being challenged to think outside the box and make new discoveries.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

In our Unit of Inquiry, we are looking at environments and the impacts people can have on these environments.  The children have been learning about ‘community’; the different places in our local community and the people who help us. Our ‘Pizza Shop’ and ‘Dentist’ have been really busy role play areas in the Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms. The children have prepared pizzas for customers, taken orders, answered the phone, booked appointments, discovered that everyone likes different things on their pizzas and that going to the Dentist is actually fun!


Students have been having fun exploring outside and learning that ‘things have needs’.

In Pre-primary the children  are practising forming letters correctly. They  trace it, write it and then make it using play dough.

Our girls and boys are having fun sorting colours, and copying and creating patterns in Pre- primary.


Year One & Two

This week the Year 1 and  2 students have worked on a combined Design Technologies and Visual Art project, inspired by the art works of Collage artists, including Jeanie Baker creator of the book ‘Belonging’. The artworks have been completed over four days, following a process where students designed and planned, prepared and finally created their collage art. The final pieces are incredible!

Year Three

The children in Year 3 have been discussing Cyber safety and created posters with important tips on how to stay safe online.

In Health, the children have been looking at persistence and how we don’t give up. They read the book Tata and the enormous green turtle. The students then designed puppets and recorded a puppet show to recreate the story of Tata.

In Religious Education, Year 3 are learning about the Ten Commandments.

Year Four

Students are busy counting square centimetres in 4 Gold. They needed to estimate first, then overlay the square cm paper to count and check.



For Science this term, Year 4s have been studying Earth and Space Sciences: specifically weathering, soils and erosion. Today the students conducted an experiment on which soil types are good for planting by investigating which soil types held the most water. The type of soils investigated included, silt, stones, gravel, yellow sand, white sand, loam and clay.

Year Five

Each day, Year 5 students participate in Guided Reading groups. There are 5 different activities to enjoy. Students try their hand at voice projection and intonation with Reader’s Theatre; working out grammar problems; answering comprehension questions from the comprehension box; reading in a group with the teacher; or quietly reading their favourite book.

Year Six

Through their Religious Education unit of Prayer, students in Year 6 are working together to watch and analyse a set of Aesop’s Fables as an exciting way to investigate moral choices. Aesop’s Fables are well known stories that end with a moral or a lesson.  In this activity, students watch the story, identify the moral choices that have been made and then link these to one of the Ten Commandments.

Katrina Fiolo
Head of Junior School