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Dear Parents/Guardians

As we draw to the end of Term Two let us be thankful for all that has been achieved so far in 2020. Congratulations to the students, parents and staff for all of your hard work. It has certainly been a semester that we could never have imagined. My sincere thanks for the spirit of partnership which has ensured that we were able to provide the best learning environment possible for the students. The continued efforts of our students, their positive attitude, respect for others and good humour are outstanding. I continue to be amazed at the strong sense of collaboration that is committed to the art of learning.

Half Yearly Report

As we head into the term break it is hard to believe that this marks the half way point for the academic year. It is so important for us to look back with great pride for all that has been achieved. Our students have worked incredibly hard and made some excellent gains with their learning despite the unavoidable changes to the usual school routine. Likewise, our staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of our school and that our children are learning to high levels. Last week your child’s/children’s ‘Half Yearly Report’ was uploaded to the Parent Portal. Well done to all students for their hard work and commitment during the first semester. Thank you to the teaching staff for the time and energy given to preparing this snapshot of progress across the semester. It is important, for parents to take the time to discuss the Report with their child/children and re-visit goals and outcomes that they would like to achieve for the second half of the year.

Parent Teacher Phone Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews in the Primary School took on a new format this Semester due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The phone interviews provided the opportunity to both celebrate what has been achieved and to share plans for future improvement. Open communication between parents and staff is critical if we are to achieve the best learning outcomes for the children. If you feel that you need to discuss your child’s progress in more detail, please make an appointment with their teacher for early next term.

Virtual Assemblies

Thank you also to our Year 6 leaders who continue to assist in the various roles around the school, showing leadership and service back to the school. They have been instrumental in leading the Primary School Virtual Assemblies, proving to be superstars in their own right! Although we are all looking forward to once again gathering together in the Gym for assemblies, the virtual assemblies have allowed the children to stay connected, show case their talents and have some fun!

Inter House Cross Country

Last week students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participated in the 2020 Inter-house cross country event. It was a bit different this year due to the restrictions with the students competing in their year groups during their PE lessons. There was a variety of distances ranging from 300m to 1500m. We were blessed to have wonderful weather on all of the days. Well done to all the students for participating in the event. It was wonderful to see you all try your very hardest, you should be very proud of yourselves.

The 2020 Inter-house cross country champion House was Reilly! Thank you Ruby and Brock (Year 6 Reilly Leaders) for collecting the shield on behave of the Reilly House.

  • 1st Reilly
  • 2nd Watson
  • 3rd McAuley
  • 4th Shine
  • 5th O’Connor
  • 6th Docherty

Congratulations to the top 3 champions on an amazing effort.

Girls Boys
PP Lahlita Pellicciotti
Sophie Bongiovanni
Eva Separovic
Nate Paull
Antonio Parlapiano
Stefan Wilson
1 Eva Griffiths
Indiana Hall
Micki Miller
Ben Pattison
Tate Shortis
Thomas Bolding
2 Imogen Kampen
Kayla Pammenter
Dou-dou Aird
Perryn Squillace
Indi Omodei
Henryy Herbert-Drake
3 Zoe Darby
Esme Zuiderwijk
Molly Sayer
Jase Goodall
Kade Sanderson
Brax Miller
4 Lara Sanderson
Isabelle Tysoe
Orla O’Reilly
Kobi Paull
Chayse Hall
Declan McGillivray
5 Maia Goodall
Ella Evangelista-Comito
Laura Considine
Nathaniel Martin
Marcello Parlapiano
Connor Ouwendyk
6 Ruby Gaffey
Katie Otway
Holly Goodall
Tully McGrath
Mitchell Hobbs
Brock Pammenter

Congratulations to the Year 1 cohort for winning the Spirit Bear. They demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship and House spirit on the day.

Bianca Openshaw

LifeLink Day

Thank you for supporting LifeLink Day on Friday 26th June.  Both the Gold Coin Challenge and the Food Hamper Wall were very well received. Your generosity with fundraising efforts will provide valuable financial support and assist the work of social service agencies so they can continue to help the many thousands of Western Australians in need each year.


The Year 4 classes have been working with their class teachers, and Mr Hill, Mr McGoran and Ms Casey on programming the Mindstorm ev3 robots to deliver goods around the world.  The task is related to our Unit, Where We are in Place and Time with a focus on explorers and travelling the globe.  The robots are programmed to recognise a colour, travel to that part of the globe, deliver either manually or have an automated delivery, then return back to base to begin a new delivery.  The students worked together to create their program and looked at the future of delivery to decided how their goods were to be carried and delivered to their destination.


As I prepare to return to my role as Coordinator of Learning Differences as of Semester Two, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude. As a school community we can be very proud of how we worked our way through the demands of the last couple of months. To the students who make every day at school such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. To the dedicated staff who strive to provide the very best opportunities for the students and lastly, I would like to thank the parents for their continued support. Next Term we warmly welcome Anne Tan as the new Head of Primary School.

Wishing all our Families a safe, peaceful and enjoyable holiday break. Take time to relax and recharge your batteries for a busy Term 3!


Katrina Fiolo
Head of Junior School