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It has been wonderful to be back at St Brigid’s College. The true tradition of St Brigid’s shines through, with the warmth and friendliness permeating throughout the atmosphere of the college. We continue to welcome back some normalities but we do so with elements of care, such as maintaining our social distance and continuously washing and sanitising our hands. Parallel to this slow phase back to normality, we have experienced several events populating the college calendar.

Jesus said “where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Matthew 18-20).  The initial few weeks of the term, we gathered together placing Christ in the centre of our Sacramental preparation and Liturgy.


Year Four Eucharist Parent Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending the Parent-Child Eucharist Workshop. It was evident that the students were well prepared as they confidently answered all the questions thrown at them relating to the Eucharist.

Year Three Reconciliation Retreat

The Year 3s attended their reconciliation retreat held in the MPA. As I walked into the room, I could see lively interactions and activities buzzing.

Year 6 Liturgies

Year 6 classes celebrated their Liturgy with Father Jim. They sang beautifully and I especially loved the concluding hymn, “the African Blessing” by Andrew Chin. I watched as the students sang with gusto and did the “actions” to accompany the song. As St Augustine said, “those who sing pray twice”.

 House Athletics

The Junior School students  demonstrated their prowess during the  Athletics carnival recently. We were fortunate to have two carnivals catering to the needs and abilities of different age groups.

Year 3 to 6  Athletics Carnival

We were blessed with beautiful weather on the day. Intermittent sunshine, cheerful parents and enthusiastic students and staff made the day all the more special as the girls and boys displayed true sportsmanship. I had the opportunity to observe the students engaged in a wide variety of activities that promoted self-reflection, teamwork, cooperation, patience, respect, initiative, courage and organisation. It was wonderful to see our children shine.

Faction Points


Rielly 2123
O’Connor 1888
McAuley 1823
Shine 1794
Watson 1670
Docherty 1455


Year level Champion Runner -up
3 Boys Kyle Hales & Mason Mackay Kade Sanderson
3 Girls Zoe Daby Natarsha Scaravilli
4 Boys Kobi Paull Aaden Kettle
4 Girls Orla O’Reilly Lara Sanderson
5 Boys Nathaniel Martin Tom Mycoe
5 Girls Maia Goodall Amelie Markovic
6 Boys Tully McGrath Patrick Martin
6 Girls Katie Otway  Ruby Gaffey


Kindy – Year 2 Athletics Carnival

Once again, we had the sun shining through the clouds for the early years carnival . Not only did the clear sky and warm sunshine greet us, but there was also the salutation of smiles from the students and parent supporters and the house colours brightly lining the event ground. It was amazing to see little legs run such a distance, 200 metres for the Year 2s and 100 metres for Year 1s and Pre-Primaries. The students displayed sheer determination and perseverance to complete all their races. Most importantly, they all  had fun on the day.

Pre- Primary

The Pre -Primaries kicked off the term with a wide spectrum of lessons, exposing them to varied forms of learning. In one lesson, they are with Mr Hill learning to code with Lego WeDo, building the cornerstone for their technological skills. In another lesson, they are trotting up the hill towards Bush School. They use natural products as tools for painting, identifying shapes in the environment and differentiating things that move and things that don’t in the nature area.

“We may think we are nurturing our garden but of course, it is actually our garden that is nurturing us.“ Jenny Uglow.

In the middle of the Junior School courtyard, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Gaffey and the Year 6s have prepared planting boxes for our Primary cherubs. Imagine this; students experiencing the therapeutic feel of the fine earth running through the fingers, using their muscles to dig and plant the seedlings, enhancing their fine and gross motor skills, employing the power of observation to record the stages of growth and enjoying the fruit of the labour. Thereafter, engaging their culinary skills to turn the yummy vegetables into delicious cuisine. Significantly, they will have a rich conversation in their classroom relating to this experience, mapping back to the curriculum. All this made possible with  the support and generous contribution of the Parent Forum.

It has been wonderful catching up with parents and students. I look forward to getting to know more students and parents, and an exciting time ahead at St Brigid’s College.


God Bless

Anne Tan
Head of Junior School