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We  have had an exciting term.

You would think with the term coming to an end, the activities would have tapered off.  This is not the case at St Brigid’s College.  The college is still vibrant with many activities and learning happening throughout our primary school.  Distinctly, when you walk into classrooms, you get to see the learning intentions and success criteria, which give you an idea of the learning goals the students were working towards.

Here are some exciting activities that we would like to share:
Year Three

During  Design and Technology lesson, the Year 3s designed and made kites.  The students had to look for appropriate material to ensure the kites could fly.  Some elements were considered such as aerodynamic, symmetry and weight of the chosen material.  This event allowed students to integrate knowledge from various curriculum areas that were explicitly taught.   Mrs Catherine Wildish beamed with pride as she shared with me about the success of the kites.  The kites took to the wind and flew.

During Literacy, the Year 3 classes collaboratively wrote a poem about Australia.  Here is the poem that was written by Year 3 Green, where they researched and gathered facts about Australia and put it together into a poem.


The biggest island that you can see,
There are great adventures for you and me.
In the desert Uluru stands an enormous rock,
In the sea there is plenty of room for boats to dock.

Look out for the dangerous animals and creatures,
Make sure you visit all the wonderful beaches.
Go and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge,
It’s nice and hot so grab an ice cream from the fridge.

Come and visit the best place on Earth,
The name of that exquisite place is PERTH!
Australia is definitely the best place to be,
So much land and glorious sea. 


Year One

The Year 1 students spent a wonderful day at the Perth Zoo.  This coincided with their current Unit of Inquiry, “Sharing the Planet”.   From the visit, they had learnt about animal habitats and how to care for living things. That day at the Zoo provided a fantastic opportunity for the students to observe different animals and habitats from all over the world. The children also spent some time engaging in a Perth Zoo program entitled ‘Bush Party’. The students had the opportunity to explore and find interesting facts about some of our Australian native animals and their needs.

Year One and Two

Students in Year 1 and 2 also showed their innovative skills for Father’s Day as they designed and decorated face masks for their dads.  They wrote a caption “all heroes wear masks, Dad you’re my hero.”



With better weather, Bush School has been rejuvenated.  Students in Year 1 and 2 spent an entire day out in the open.  There was a  myriad of activities such as filtering water from the stream, stomping on mud, collecting natural products, observing the stream. Thanks to all the parents who volunteered for both the zoo and the bush school.  It was lovely to see parents working alongside with our teachers.

Year Five

The Year 5s have been making their way back into the robotic room.  They learnt to code the EV3 robots.


Year Six

The Year 6s had their camp at Swan Adventure Centre. I was fortunate to be part of the 3-day adventure.

“It takes courage to stand in a place you didn’t know existed” Maryanne Radmacher

 Some students were nervous about having to leave the comfort of their families and homes.  The camp gave the students some invaluable lessons that could never be found in textbooks. Once the campsite was in sight, students arrived feeling excited. They were immersed in various activities that gave opportunities for team building, independence, resilience and organisational skills.  They also practised cognitive skills during activities like crate stacking into towers and finding their way out of a maze in the dark zone.   Besides, they acquired discipline and persistence whilst learning archery.   Students were acquainted with the rules in archery for example they knew the number of whistles blown determined when to shoot and when to retrieve the arrows.  It also marvelled me when I see students with the right mindset as they improved their archery skills, determined to hit the highest points, all this within an hour.    Students enjoyed the flying fox.  The freedom to fly like the birds brought smiles onto all of their faces.   Some ventured to do different stunts on the zipliner.

Through the array of activities and learning, it was evident teachers and students had been dedicating their time to ensure optimal learning took place, they richly deserve the plaudits for all the hard work.  We certainly look forward to more exciting events in the following term, such as in term swimming, Carols on the Green and the Nativity Play.


God Bless

Anne Tan
Head of Junior School