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In the garden, amongst the green vegetables, stood a bobtail camouflaged with its slim body blending within the soft leafy cabbage leaves. The students were intrigued by the unexpected little visitor. Somehow, the school’s inclusivity and warmth might have drawn our little creature friend to St Brigid’s College. On that note; we are also delighted to welcome many new faces in the primary classes this term. They have settled well and made friends.

It is also wonderful to see students in their crisp summer uniforms and their college sports uniform worn on days they have sports.




Walking around the school is always exciting. There is never a dull moment in the Junior area.

Early Childhood Centre

Going towards the early childhood centre, I could hear the voices of excited students. I walked towards the chattering sounds, and alas, the little Pre-Kindy  students were out exploring the natural habitat. They were hunting for bugs, so they could then learn to investigate and research about the creatures. They were also listening to noises in the environment and training their ears to listen to small details in preparation for Kindergarten, where such important skills will be used for discerning the identity, order and number of sounds in spoken words.


While working on their unit of inquiry ‘How We Communicate’, Kindergarten students brainstormed ideas and contributed to concepts. They practised their oral language and used deep thinking skills in their group conversation. Such mature contributions streaming from our little leagues, you would not have known they were only five years of age.

Guard of Honour for Year 12s

Students in the primary school understand that being part of St Brigid’s College is like being part of an extended family. The Pre-Primary students had the opportunity to bid farewell and wish their Year 12 big sisters well for the next chapter of their adventure. They formed the guard, forming a line to present the Year 12s with flowers.




The Pre-Primary girls and boys are learning diagraphs and writing stories. It was impressive to see them blending sounds and reading. They played in different provocation centres, such as the construction corner, where they designed the building, then measured and built structures. In the little post office, they worked on simple calculations. Remarkable effort!


Kindergarten to Year 2 had their liturgy together recently. They sang and did actions to their songs. Despite their age, the students confidently read their parts during the liturgy.

Year 4

Year 4s were fortunate to be part of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre recently. They had the chance to create puppets using recycled material. This workshop gave them exposure to the various learning areas such as technologies, art and at the same time teaching them stewardship.

Year 5

Entering the Year 5 classroom is similar to going on a space travel adventure. The colourful posters not only provided insurmountable information about the planets, but there was also vivid and comprehensive artwork of planets accompanying the posters. Every work was unique and individualised, allowing creative expression by using different art media such as collage and oil pastel.


Both boys and girls in Year 5s demonstrated their culinary skills during the cooking lessons last week. They made Quiches, and the aroma permeated the class.   It seems we have a few Master Chefs around.





Year 6

The Year 6s are busily preparing for their upcoming Exhibition. The central idea for the show is “ Everyone has a responsibility for developing a sustainable world”.  Pope Francis’ Laudato Si inspired this concept.  The students have working tirelessly and their knowledge deepens as they research further into their chosen topic. We are eagerly waiting for their presentations.

 “All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements and talents.” Paragraph 14, Laudato Si.

Pope Francis


The College has an excellent music programme in the Junior school. The St Brigid’s College School Spirit Badge is awarded to Year 6 students who have given exceptional long-term service to the College through the College Choir or other Music Ensembles. Recipients must have demonstrated a minimum of two years of continuous service. Congratulations to

Melinda Barton,  Lincoln Byers
Ruby Gaffey, Florence Clarke
Patrick Martin, Matthew Geneste
Jacob Ouwendyk, Lillian Hales
Jacob Pudelek-Leaupepe, Teagan O’Brien
Mathew Putland, Cameron Ogilvie-O’Neil
Alexander Tonon


We also  had the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work our students have put in our first virtual assembly for the term.



It has been a great start to Term 4. It is going to be a busy term with swimming, carols, speeches for Year 6 leadership positions and many impactful events to come. We are definitely looking forward to a time filled with fun, laughter, learning and growth.


God Bless

Anne Tan
Head of Junior School