Junior School

Junior School News

Time flies, and we are now in the midst of term 2. Students are beautifully dressed in their Winter uniform to keep them warm.

One of the highlights so far this term was the Mother’s Day event. It was such a wonderful day to spend time with the special person who gives us unconditional love. Year 5 Green did a fabulous narration from the book “Love You Forever” by Robert Munch. We then had a beautiful spread of cakes and tea.

Another significant event that took place was the Interhouse Cross Country. We were blessed with glorious sunshine. What was more incredible was the show of collegiality as students cheered and supported one another.

Learning and lots of knowledge was evident as we witnessed colourfully decorated spacecraft in Kindergarten. Students used their imagination and creativity to make them. Pre-Primary wrote the story of “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell. They also learned to innovate the story by changing the characters. The Year 6s learned about plants and the types of soil they need to grow. They experimented by planting seeds in varied conditions. Through their investigative skills, they were able to determine the specific earth that plants need to flourish.

Prayers and Faith are still the main focus in our school. Year 6s attended mass along with the Lesmurdie Parish community. We also had two student leaders who represented the school at the mass to celebrate 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia.

As for sports, by the time this newsletter is published, our interschool swimmers will hopefully be beaming with pride as they represent the College at the interschool swimming carnival.
After school is a busy time, especially at the pick-up points, we advise parents to park their cars in the designated areas. Kindly follow the queue and pick up your child only from the given location. This system is to ensure the traffic flows with ease and the students’ safety.
We would also like to thank parents who supported the school, whether volunteering for events or being partners in their learning. God Bless.

Anne Tan
Head of Primary