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Junior School News

It is a delight to see that our primary school is a well-balanced one. While we are evidently flourishing in our academics, we are also focused on sport and arts to ensure our students relish other opportunities and interests.

“Do you know what my favourite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” -Mike Singletary played for the Chicago Bears.

The Sports Carnival is the epicentre for students to be part of healthy competition. In early childhood, there is always a strong emphasis on gross and fine motor skills. The Early Years (Kindy – Year 2 ) had a fantastic carnival, heightening their physical skills. The prowess of the minor leagues as they partook in their events was mind-blowing! They ran at full pelt around the track and played many collaborative and team games.

In Term 3, the Catholic School Performing Arts Festival is a significant event in the calendar. With numerous talented and creative students in our midst, it was natural for the College to participate in this festival. There have been individual and group entries from our College and it was a privilege to watch various choirs, ensembles and dance performances. For the first time, the College entered the Choral Speech Category with the combined Year 5 classes representing the school. They were brilliant and received an outstanding award for their performance. Besides the Year 5’s, the Sacred Choral and the Primary Choir were also recognised for their “outstanding” singing. The Boys Ensemble and the Training Choir were acknowledged with “excellence” and “merit” awards, respectively.

Every year, Book Week triggers excitement, as parents and students spend time preparing the wonderful costumes. As expected, all the costumes were highly appealing. As a result, the Book Week Assembly and parade of book characters had the feel of a festival that celebrated the joy of reading.

The church is always a reference to the people and our students attend mass and live out the Gospel in their words and actions. This term, Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to celebrate with the parishioners. Mass was a beautiful celebration where we gathered together in prayer and promoted our Catholic Identity. Lastly, the College has entered CEWA’s Quality Catholic School competition. We have entered under the category of Catholic Identity. So, please vote for us in the people’s choice awards https://awards.cewa.edu.au/.

Spring is on our doorsteps. Being in the hills, we get to enjoy looking at ducks wandering around with their ducklings, birds chirping, outbursts from the kookaburras and beautiful flowers blossoming. I have always felt that spring symbolises rebirth, especially this year with the torrential downpours we have received that the earth needs to drink up! Nature is ready to show off it’s extra colours.

Be praised, my Lord,
for Sister Earth, our Mother,
who nourishes us and sustains us,
bringing forth
fruits and vegetables of many kinds
And flowers of many colours.

God Bless
Anne Tan
Head of Primary