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The term has finally come to an end and eleven weeks is quite noticeably long and the children are very ready for a break. This term, our focus has been a spiritual one with the Lenten season and the lead up to Easter the most important times in the Church. It is common for our students to think that they have to ‘give up’ something for the 40 days before Easter, but rather our focus was to encourage them to ‘take on’ something. To speak to someone they otherwise wouldn’t, to share, to help more at home. We also encouraged the children to find quiet moments in their own lives to pray and to speak with God.

The Junior School hosted a beautiful rendition of the Stations of the Cross under the direction of Mrs Masella. The perspective, taken from Mary’s view, was especially moving and the children’s reverence made it very special. Thank you to all staff who were involved.

Each year in Junior School, we take part in a special fundraiser for Caritas, donating to collection boxes and bringing in Easter egg donations to prepare our Easter raffles for the children. This year, our community raised $707.00 which was a fantastic effort and we thank everyone again, for the generosity. Our Easter Hat Parade drew a very enthusiastic response from all families; the creativity, ingenuity and attention to detail was exceptional and the children were very enthusiastic about showing off their creations. Thank you to all families who assisted in making this such a fun event.

Recently, McAuley won the Junior School House Swimming Carnival. It was a magnificent event with true sportsmanship on show all day. Congratulations to all the students who participated and to all staff and parents who worked beforehand and on the day to prepare the children. We wish our selected Interschool swimmers all the very best as they prepare for the Interschool Swimming Carnival early in Term 2.


This term in Music, the Year 4 students have been participating in the Unit of Inquiry: Learning an instrument requires knowledge, care and responsibility. The students have begun to learn the Recorder and throughout the year, will experience what it is like to learn an instrument and all the responsibilities that go along with this endeavour; including how to care for their instrument and others’ ears, motivation to practise and persevering when faced with challenges.

Part of the Unit of Inquiry involves how and why we need to care for our instruments. Students were encouraged to design their own protective bags for their recorders and prizes have been given for the most creative bags in each class. This year, the students really outdid themselves and creativity was amazing. Students designed cases made with a 3D printer, a Recorder (Dream) catcher, mermaid tails, light sabres, missiles and barbie doll dresses, just to name a few.

The following students were presented with prizes at the Junior School Assembly in week 10.
4 Gold
1st Place: Pearl Altinier: “Recorder Dream Catcher”
Runners up: Cameron Ogilvie-O’Neil, Mathew Putland

4 Green
1st Place: Bethany Smits: “Recorder Quaver”
Runners up: Zack Wallace, Ashlyn Rossi

Parents will have received their child’s Interim Report which indicates how the children have settled into their new Year group how they are working currently. It served as a means for further discussion at the Parent/Child/Teacher Conferences on Thursday 12th April. The Parent Portal has been open for some time and I’m pleased so that many parents took the opportunity to book times to, along with their child meet with the teachers.

Please don’t forget to register your child for the Colour4Fun Run on Friday 4th May as we encourage all children to participate. If you still need to login, the website address is https://myprofilepage.com.au/ and you can do so right up to the day of the event.

All students will return to school in their Winter Uniform for Terms 2 & 3 and Uniform Shop will be open on Monday 30th April from 1pm -5pm. You can of course, also purchase online.

Enjoy the term break, take care and we look forward to seeing all students returning safely on Tuesday 1st May.


Nicola Lee
Head of Junior School