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Advent has begun. Advent gets its name from adventus, the Latin word for “arrival”. The formal advent can be tracked to the 5th century, where in Northern Italy, the Christians would fast, pray and reflect on Christain Values. It’s the season of candlelight, reflection, and expectation. Most importantly, it is a chance to get ready for Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. At St Brigid’s College, we have prepared for the coming of Christ, firstly remembering the less fortunate by offering food hampers to St Vinnie’s.

We were then fortunate to have the Pre-Primary re-enacting the nativity through the play entitled ‘the Bundle of Joy’, about a Grumble; the grumpy, grumbly donkey who travels with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. We have a few budding actors in the cohort. The Kindergarten children displayed their musical talent with their final concert, and they sang and danced to various upbeat Christmas carols. They celebrated their final day in Kindergarten wearing a mortarboard.

Before partaking in the festivities of singing the Christmas Carols, the Year 6s had a wild time at Outback Splash. There were water slides, mazes, koalas, kangaroos and many fun activities.

Then along with boys and girls from Pre-Primary to Year 5, they brought the old Christmas favourites to life at the annual Carols On the Green. The focus was on the birth of our Saviour with the reenactment of the nativity scene.

We also had swimming lessons throughout the last two weeks. Again, the students enjoyed the water and practised their swimming techniques.
We ended the year with with our Thanksgiving Mass last Friday, followed by the Thanksgiving Assembly. This was a mixture of joy and sadness where we acknowledged Year 6s achievements at the College.

As the school year comes to a close, I would like to acknowledge that each child has worked really hard throughout the term. We, as educators, are proud of all our children. We understand that every child is unique, and we celebrate their achievements. For example, there is an artist who may not thoroughly understand Maths. A potential entrepreneur that may not embrace History. A musician that does not care about Geography and an athlete who dislikes Science. They all have unique talents, abilities and skills, and we congratulate them for finishing a successful year.

Have a safe holiday, Blessed and Holy Christmas and a New Year filled with love and peace.

Please also note that families can prepare for the new school year as 2022 bookings for Your OSHC program are now open. Registration is free for families. Details can be found here:

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God Bless
Anne Tan
Head of Primary