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Junior School News

Term 4 is now in full swing and the warm weather has allowed the students to play out in the sunshine, after so many wet days at school it has been a welcome relief. The students are to be commended for remembering to wear their College hats each day at school and for being sun smart each day; it is lovely to see our very capable three and four year olds ensuring that they apply their sunscreen before heading out to the playground they are very clever.

Recently a very confident team of athletes headed out to the Athletics Stadium to compete against a number of other schools at the CPSSA Athletics Carnival. It was a fantastic day, a little warmer than expected but the students worked so hard on the track and in the field and are to be commended on their excellent efforts. The top four schools were neck and neck all day on the ladder and SBC fought to the end, earning fourth place overall. Congratulations to our team and to our staff who trained and supported them all.

World Teachers’ Day was celebrated at the College on 26th October, we fully acknowledge and applaud the many ways our teachers at St Brigid’s contribute to the positive growth and development of our students. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful dedicated team who spend tireless hours meeting the many demands that are part of the role these days and go well beyond the expected to provide rich learning opportunities, meet the diverse learning needs of all our students and nurture the well-being of the children.
I also take this opportunity to thank the many parents and the class parent representatives who prepared the amazing morning tea, surprised teachers with gifts and kind messages and who  thoughtfully show appreciation to our teachers.

We will be held our very popular Grandparents Day on the Friday 9th November. Grandparents were invited to the College to share morning tea and take part in a visit to their grandchildren’s classrooms and share in some special learning journeys. The children were very excited and looking forward to what was a wonderful day for all involved.


Our Junior School Choirs performed at the College Presentation Night recently and were a stand out. It is a fabulous opportunity for the children to perform in a professional environment where they can fully experience a stage and an audience setting and they did themselves, their families and their College proud. Thank you to all who made this happen.

If you are hoping to enrol your child into Vacation Care this summer, please make sure you touch base with Nathan Young or Front Reception to ensure you book a place. The Vacation Program looks like lots of fun!

As is usual in Term 4, the next few weeks will appear to fly by. We will keep you informed in advance of a number of events occurring so please keep an eye on the term calendar and emails. In particular, save the date –Thursday 6th December for popular our Carols on the Green.

All Saints Day celebrated on 1 November is dedicated to all the Saints of the Church.
For Australians, the canonisation and example of St Mary Of The Cross MacKillop
have particular relevance but saintly models such as Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul
and the recently canonised Oscar Romero (Oct 14) point us to Jesus
and inspire us to seek His spirit in our own lives and circumstances.

Loving God,
May I live in the strength and hope of the life, which Christ gives.
As I go about my work and life may your Spirit go with me.
May my work be a vehicle for Your love.
Be with me,
Show me how to love and forgive, show me the art of service.
Draw to the surface of my life the saint within me.

Best wishes

Nicola Lee
Head of Junior School