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Once again, a warm and sincere welcome to our new students and staff, and welcome back to the new school year! Excitement and enthusiasm are palpitating throughout the Primary campus as we engage in our learning.

2022 has not been a smooth year so far as we have encountered a few bumps with the COVID restrictions. Yet I once listen to an Honorary Professor who spoke about chaos in a home. She asked, “If you have 5 minutes, what would you do to your messy home if you knew someone was coming to visit you?” She immediately would sweep the front of her house and boil fresh water. We have to acknowledge that the unexpected, chaos, and inconsistencies are part and parcel of life. However, we can be the consistent ones who continue to welcome and show kindness to the world. In fact, they are very much the Mercy Values that we cherish. This gesture of kindness is a constant occurrence in our primary campus. We see students helping one another, whether it is Year 6s with their year 1s buddies or simply friends helping one another with their work.

We are proud of the significant work that has begun with the students participating in various spelling programs. We are also excited as we started in our newly acquired Talk4Writing. The students have done fantastic storytelling and writing; such as the Year 2s narrated the ‘Little Red Riding Hood” story, the Year 3 and Year 4 about ‘The Creek’, and the Year 5 worked on the story entitled “Beowulf”. I highly recommend encouraging your child to retell the stories they have learnt in class!

Over to Early Childhood, our pre-primary students learnt about condensation and made rain during a science lesson, and the Kindergarten was immersed in the fun with painting and playing. The Year 6 Gold provided us with our first virtual assembly experience broadcast via Microsoft Teams. Our primary campus is swirling so much fun and engagement. But, at the same time, we always put the child at the centre, encouraging them to build resilience and ensure their well-being is not compromised.

We look forward to embracing this year with positivity, whatever challenges and sweet rewards it brings.


“If God sends you down a stony path, He will give you strong shoes.”


God Bless,

Anne Tan
Head of Primary