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As we finish Week 5, it’s amazing to think that at  the end of this week we will already be half-way through Term Two. There is so much to celebrate and be thankful for!

National Reconciliation Week

This week marked the beginning of National Reconciliation Week 2019. This year’s theme: GROUNDED IN TRUTH: Walk together with courage, invites us to learn a little more about our shared histories and cultures, and think more deeply about how we could contribute to achieving reconciliation for our country.

Year 3 Green Assembly

After many rehearsals and much preparation, the Year 3 Green class put aside their nerves to present their assembly item at the Junior school assembly on Friday 24th May. They showcased what they had learnt in their current Unit of Inquiry, ‘How We Organise Ourselves’, outlining the central idea: People cooperate and share responsibility to contribute to communities. The students finished their presentation with a song about the people who help in their neighbourhood.

Year 4 Excursion

The Year Four classes headed down to Fremantle on Wednesday 29 May. The Ship Wreck Museum staff led them on the journey from England to the new settlement through drama and role play.  The students walked through Fremantle looking at changes to the buildings and the land from settlement. They were lucky enough to see the Time Ball drop at the Round House.

Year 3 Excursion

On Monday, 27 May, both Year 3 classes visited the Kalamunda History Village to learn what it was like living 120 years ago. They hand washed clothes, ironed, stenciled fruit boxes, scrubbed dishes, ground wheat to make flour and even made toilet paper!!! One of the favourite activities was visiting the classroom which used old-fashioned teaching styles, including the cane, to keep the students quiet and in their seats!


LifeLink Day 2019 will officially be launched on Wednesday 5 June 2019. LifeLink Day provides a wonderful opportunity for students attending Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Perth, to join together to hear Archbishop Costello SDB speak and show their collective support for the many Church social service agencies – agencies which on behalf of us all, reach out to provide practical care and direct assistance to thousands of people in need within the community.

This year, students from Pre-Kindy to Year 6 will participate in a new and exciting project for LifeLink, where each class will contribute to producing a book complied of prayers, messages of support to people in need, photos and information on the work of our LifeLink agencies. The book will be displayed during the national Catholic Youth Festival which will be held here in Perth later this year. Afterwards, these books will be permanently displayed in the Archbishop’s Office, CEWA, given to our agencies, aged care facilities, hospitals etc.


Music – Recorder Bag Competition

This semester in Music, the Year 4 students have been participating in the Unit of Inquiry: Learning an instrument requires knowledge, care and responsibility. The students have been learning the Recorder and are experiencing what it is like to learn an instrument and all the responsibilities that go along with this endeavour; including how to care for their instrument, motivation to practise and persevering when faced with challenges.

Students were encouraged to design their own protective bags for their recorders and prizes have been awarded for the most creative bags in each class.

Each year, the Recorder bags become even more creative and cause great excitement and pride among the students. This year, the Year 4s really outdid themselves and designed wooden boxes and mermaid tails, used dolls clothes and baby onesies, teddy bears and soft toys, and even knitted their own bags!

Congratulations to the following students, who were presented with prizes at the Junior School Assembly this week:

4 Gold
1st Place: Ellie Shortis: ‘Pom-Pom bag’
Runners up: McKenzie Allington, Elizabeth Barton





4 Green
1st Place: Joshua D’Silva: ‘Wooden recorder box’.
Runners up: Angi Wildish, Abby Saxton, Carlos Scaravilli



Year 6 Camp

Arrival at camp

On Monday 27 May, the students from Year 6 Green and Gold embarked on an adventure to Point Walter for their first School Camp. We were blessed with beautiful weather, which allowed the students to completely immerse themselves in all camp activities. The nerves soon disappeared, as the students enthusiastically participated in team games, archery, mountain bike riding, high ropes and the flying fox. The students are to be commended on the way they supported one another, their vibrant team spirit and for diligently helping out with daily jobs. It was a very busy and rewarding three days away with the Year 6 cohort, developing group cohesion and leadership skills and needless to say, having a blast! Thank you to Sharryn Cunningham, Joe Comito, Jackie Mills, Hayley Zuin and Georgina Majko for supporting the children and making the camp such a great success.

Time to go home exhausted!!

Kindergarten Shape Hunt

As the students in Kindergarten have been learning about shapes, they set off on a ‘Shape Hunt’ to identify as many different shapes as possible in the Junior School.

Inter School Cross Country

After the children return from the long weekend the Junior School Inter House Cross Country race will take place on Tuesday 4 June, involving all students from Pre Primary to Year 6. Students are reminded to wear their sports uniform on this day.

Sacramental Update

  • Sacrament of Confirmation Parent/Child Workshop Year 6 Parents/Students OLOL Parish Centre Two Sessions 5pm & 6:30pm
  • Sacrament of Confirmation Reflection Day Year 6 Students OLOL Parish Centre 8:45am-3:10pm
  • Sacrament of Confirmation Our Lady of Lourdes 4pm
  • Sacrament of Confirmation Our Lady of Lourdes 11am


Enjoy the long weekend.


Katrina Fiolo
Head of Junior School