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Dear Parents and Guardians

The term has been a busy one with much to be thankful for. Of particular note was the College Twilight Fair which was held recently and was an enormous success. Each Junior School class with the help of our amazing parents created sensational stalls with goodies to sell. The children were buzzing with excitement in the lead up and thoroughly enjoyed the day. We are so grateful to our families who were such valuable support in the many weeks leading up to and after the fair. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Recently our first ever Cheerleading Squad performed in the Stars N Stripes Grand Championships and gained first place! They were outstanding and we are so proud of all their hard work this year. They have already expressed that they are keen to do it all again next year! Congratulations!



At the end of this term families will receive their child’s final report for the year. Please find some time in the holidays to discuss the report with your child and in the New Year, set some academic or behavioural goals with them so that they have a clear focus of their year ahead. Teachers generally talk about new goals at the beginning of each year, and when children have a clear vision about their past achievements and have had time to think about areas that they can enhance and improve upon, they feel confident to articulate these and put them into practice. All reports can be found on the College Portal; instructions will be sent to you in an email at the end of the term.

In the next week, teachers will be preparing classes for 2020. It is important to note that all our teachers take each individual students’ needs into account whilst creating a good balance of academics, friendships, support and gender in each class. Your child’s Booklist is also on the College Website available for viewing.

It was important to come together in our final week at school for a number of significant events to conclude the year. The Carols on the Green were once again a beautiful family night for all and as usual the children loved holding the limelight in front of their families. Our Thanksgiving Mass saw us all come together in prayer to show our gratefulness for all that we have had this year. Finally, our Thanksgiving Assembly gave us the opportunity to announce our new leadership positions for 2020 and to present awards to some very deserving students. Our Year 6 students are finishing Primary School and are moving into another chapter of their lives. They have become fine young people of whom we are very proud, and they are very eager for this next phase. Congratulations boys and girls and good luck to you all, wherever you may go. We wish you life’s blessings of good health and happiness forever.

As my time at St Brigid’s College draws to a close, I have been reflecting on how lucky and privileged I have been to have worked here for the past thirteen years. I have been a part of many dedicated teams of teachers and I have been lucky enough to have experienced some diverse and rich opportunities that have assisted my growth both professionally and personally. Most importantly, I have been blessed to have lived and worked in a beautiful community of committed families with awesome children and to have been involved in the Mercy story through the heritage of Catherine McAuley has been inspiring to say the least. I am in awe of the Mercy sisters and the work that they are still involved in today, here and all over the world. I wish everyone the very best in health and happiness for the years ahead as I leave a little part of my heart at St B’s. Thank you.

I wish each and every family a safe and holy Christmas Season.

Nicola Lee
Head of Junior School