Junior School

Primary News

The fourth term has been filled with events. The list is extensive… In-term swimming took place and students marched towards the pool for their lessons on a daily basis.

Kindergarten marked 100 days of kindergarten.

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Pre-primary had their nativity assembly, and it was immensely enjoyable with so many upbeat tunes dotted throughout the assembly item.

Years 1 and 2 combined forces and assembled for their liturgy centred on Jesse’s tree.


We had our beautiful grandparents visiting their grandchildren on Grandparent’s Day.


Students in Year 5 bravely gave speeches for leadership positions. Those presentations were well done. The students voted for the leaders of the ministry, sustainability, sports and culture as well as the House leaders.



The students showcased the Christmas production “Lights, Camel, Action”. It was a cheerful way to tell the greatest story on earth: the Birth of Our Lord Jesus.


Finally, we congratulated our Year 6  students on completing primary school, and we wish them well as they move on to high school.


Christmas is rapidly approaching. As we prepare for Jesus’ arrival, let us pray and remember the less fortunate brothers and sisters. From our St Brigid’s College team, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year filled with love.


“Glory to God in the Highest! May the blessings of God’s special gifts be yours this Christmas and in the New Year.”


Warmest Regards

Anne Tan

Head of Primary