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This week, most of our Year 12s approach the end of their WACE exams whilst the Year 11s undertake theirs or complete hours for their Education Certificate. The Year 10s are also busy revising for their exam period which commences next week whilst the girls in Year 7 – 9 are all completing assessments.

Amidst this busy time, we have had the Year 8 quiz night social with Mazenod run by the Year 8 Student Representatives. It was a great noisy night with some fantastic prizes thanks to Ms Bianchini.
The Year 9s will be participating in a Lawn Bowls evening on Monday 22 November against some staff teams. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top – according to the green’s manager, students usually win. Watch this space when the results are published.

The Year 7s have their second social with Mazenod on Tuesday 23rd November. The theme is Hawaiian shirts. Hopefully the evening will be warm to give the Hawaiian them even more credibility. Photos and a report about the evening will be in the next Enews edition.

It was fantastic seeing the many grandparents attended the Grandparents Day last week. The girls certainly enjoyed showing them around the College and sharing Mass and morning tea with them.

This week’s Enews SchoolTv article is all about resilience. Resilience is key to addressing mental health issues. We need to allow our kids to experience adversity. There is a tendency to shield our kids because parents have become a bit over-protective.” Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. The link will lead you to the SchoolTv information about Resilience

Resilience is important for a child’s mental health. It is their ability to bounce back from failure, challenges, adversity and stress. It’s not something that kids have or don’t have but a skill that kids develop over time as they grow. Building resilience not only helps a child deal with current difficulties, but it also helps develop a resilient mindset that will help them deal with challenges later in life. All children are capable of working through challenges and coping with stress, but they require guidance and support from a charismatic adult role model.

Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary