Caring for each other is an integral part of the living and learning experience.

St Brigid’s has dedicated staff, committed to delivering the best in residential care, around the clock.


Staff work closely with each student, as house mothers, tutors and friends, to help them manage their learning and ensure that they achieve their personal best, whilst keeping regular contact with the Day School teaching staff to ensure that each boarder’s learning needs are met, and liaise regularly with parents by phone, email and fax.

The School nurse visits the Boarding section every morning not only to check on the girls who are sick but also to assist any girls who may have emotional issues, such as homesickness. A wellness centre is available for the girls when they are unwell, where they are cared for by the College Nurse during the day. In cases of serious illness parents and /or guardians may be asked to care for the girls away from the College. The College Nurse also coordinates doctors’ visits as well as appointments with other health professionals in the local area.

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