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Career Expo 2022

Where did the Year 10 students go on Thursday, May 12? They went to the Careers Expo 2022 hosted at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

It was a marketplace where exhibitors plied their courses, services, inventions and promotional items to students, teachers and visitors.


On entering the centre, we were mesmerised by UU, the Japanese robot programmed to dance to a disco tune that captured our interest.

According to the student designers, two other objects that stood out from the rest of the exhibitions were the electric racing car designed by Edith Cowan University students, which reaches 110 km per hour. The Army installed a truck in full camouflage, which looked every bit the part.

The atmosphere was electric as our students embraced the many opportunities to learn more about careers and training. Netball hoops were installed, and many students, including our girls, lined up to demonstrate their sporting prowess. The icing on the cake for some students was collecting the many promoting items from sunglasses, hats, bags, lollies and pens.

It was a fantastic and educational event!