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Minimising the Risk of Anaphylaxis

St Brigid’s College is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all students attending the College. We are seeking your support to assist us in minimising the risk of Anaphylaxis to our students identified as at risk.

Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It occurs after exposure to an allergen to which the person is allergic. Some of the most common allergens our students identified at risk of Anaphylaxis are: foods such as nuts, dairy and eggs and insects such as bees or wasps.

We request your assistance in adopting the following strategies to help minimise the risk factors within the school environment:
• Please avoid sending nuts (whole nuts/nut mixes), foods containing nuts (nuts listed as an ingredient/used as an ingredient; nut spreads such as Nutella or nut butter) to school
• Promote thorough washing of hands/face and rinse mouth if children have eaten these products before coming to school
• Please ask your child’s teacher regarding the dietary requirements of the children in their class and provide individual prepared servings for birthday/occasion treats, or consider non-food treats
• Provide drink containers and lunch boxes that are clearly labelled with the name of your child
• Teach your child about the need to eat only from their own lunchbox and not to share food

If your child is identified as at risk of Anaphylaxis, please ensure you have provided the College with a copy of their most recent ASCIA Action plan and any medications (in-date adrenaline autoinjector/antihistamines etc.) that they require. Please update these regularly and inform the College of any changes. Always ensure that your contacts details are up to date.

Our College community greatly appreciates your assistance in minimising the risk of Anaphylaxis.


Kind Regards,

Jess Coolican

College Nurse

Monday-Thursday | 0439 338 895|