St Brigid’s College continues to extend our curriculum and build on our students’ knowledge of the vast array of technology available to them. Our 1:1 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program has been a great success to date and the students have benefited greatly.

Under the BYOD Program, students in Years 7-12 are expected to bring their own computing device to school each day. This personal computing device needs to meet device specifications that are recommended by the College available here: Student ICT requirements 2020

St Brigid’s College has partnered with Winthrop Australia to offer a purchasing option available to students and families by enter in the following access code “St Brigid’s2019!” (do not copy and paste into the website). Purchase a device by clicking here. 

It is a requirement by St Brigid’s College that students have a carry case/bag and a suitable external hard drive for backups.

An alternative purchasing option we can provide is through Dell. The school’s desktop fleet are purchased through Dell so they have offered to sell devices to our parents and students at a discount rate. You can access Dell’s discount rates via this link:

Additionally HP are also offering computers at a discounted rate to members of the St Brigid’s community using the Unique School Access Code StBrigidsC . They also have an EXTRA 5% off offer by discount code stbc5%. The HP machines are available via this link:

JB HiFi also offers BYOD options for CEWA schools for 2020, available via this link:

iPad Programme

As we continue with our Junior School iPad Programme, we ask that all students in Years 1 to 6 have an iPad that meets the specifications recommended by the college available here:  iPad Programme – Device Specifications.

Purchase an iPad by clicking here

Many families already have iPads that meet the specifications listed above and there is no need to purchase new iPads. Having said this, updates are released on a regular schedule from both Apple and App creators. If the iPad can support the latest version of iOS, as it maximises the compatibility with future app updates and minimises the chance of the iPad being rendered out dated during the year.  The screen size – minimum 9.5 inch (24.6cm) diagonally to support NAPLAN.

It is a requirement by St Brigid’s College that students have a carry case/bag.

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