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Published July 1, 2021 · Academic

As winter sets in, and after this current lockdown, I am sure that everyone in our community is looking forward to a restful two-week break. Once again, we have had to be flexible at very short notice, and I am pleased to say we have accomplished this in just a few days.

Our students are to be commended for their diligence and hard work this term, and I know that many are pleased with the fruits of their semester’s work. Thank you to the many families who made contact with our staff to discuss their children’s progress during our virtual parent-teacher-student interviews. If you have any concerns and were not able to schedule a time with your child’s teachers, I do encourage you to contact them next term so that any issues can be addressed.

One of the many highlights of each term is the Spirit of Mercy Assembly. Our students performed Dance and Musical routines, and students were acknowledged for their witness to the values of the College. It is always such a pleasure to gather together and appreciate this special time as a whole school and I am grateful that we were able to be together last week.

Students have been enjoying many activities this term, including sporting competitions, the Seeds of Justice Conference, language dinners, excursions, our fun EduDance lessons, along with many social activities with Mazenod College. I congratulate our students for their enthusiasm and commitment to these events. Unfortunately, we were unable to hold our EduDance Concert, some excursions, guest speakers, and the Year 12 Retreat was cut short. Students coped well with all these changes. We will see if it is possible to reschedule these events next term, but already Term 3 is busy with other activities. We will try our best!

Our students were very fortunate as they were able to enjoy many activities throughout the first ten weeks of this term, and I am sure you will join me in thanking our staff who gave of their time to ensure the students enjoyed a real and varied experience of school life.

We congratulate our Year 6 students who received the Sacrament of Confirmation last weekend. It was a moving experience for us to share as a community.

This term we farewell Ms Yvonne Hasson, Ms Anne Chamot, Ms Patricia Histed, Ms Olivia Barbarich and Ms Tina Hayden as they move on to new ventures. We thank them for the care and commitment they have given to our students.

We also farewell some of the staff members of Chartwells, who have been the providers of services in our Café and Boarding House kitchen for some years. Services in the Café and Boarding kitchen will continue as per usual under the new provider.

Next term we welcome back Mrs Tiffany Morrissy from leave, and Ms Delia Curetan to the Languages Department.

Friday, 2nd July is a student free day as staff spend time on professional development. Monday, 19th July is a student free day with staff also engaged in a variety of professional development topics with various guest speakers. If all goes to plan, school resumes for all students on Tuesday, 20th July. Please continue to monitor the Premier’s announcements in case restrictions change. Let us be optimistic that this latest outbreak can be nipped in the bud. I take this opportunity to send a gentle reminder to parents to check their child’s winter uniform needs, including a check on hems that may need to be lengthened and ties that may need to be replaced.

As we await further news regarding our State’s COVID restrictions, I hope that you are able to enjoy a happy holiday, and pray that Our Lord will keep you safe in your activities, give you good rest and good fun. I imagine that some holiday plans may have had to be put on hold!
God bless,

Carmen Cox

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